Fertile Forest

“Fertile Forest” is a free erotic short story for A. Vivian Vane mailing list subscribers featuring futa/shemale characters, fantasy themes, and impregnation/risk of pregnancy.

The lust-demons seen in “Fertile Forest” also appear in the A. Vivian Vane novels “Fertile Mistresses” and “Blue Blood Babies,” available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble NOOK for $3.99.

This story has been previously published in a slightly altered form.


Fertile Forest

A. Vivian Vane

Copyright 2015 by A. Vivian Vane

First Edition


This is a work of fiction intended for adult audiences only. All persons depicted are imaginary, and any similarities to real people, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Any characters depicted in sexual situations are at least 18 years of age.


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Fertile Forest

Tight black panties cupped the demon’s crotch, bulging where they hid her cock and balls.

She was tall and powerfully muscled, like most of the meridi, her infernal race, with alabaster skin and sweeping horns curving to either side of her cheeks. Standing with her legs spread and her feet planted firmly on soft forest loam, she wore a tiny blue-and-gold costume somewhere between a cheerleader’s and a hooker’s. Little triangles of navy cloth held her heavy breasts up by narrow strings; a pleated blue skirt trimmed in gold ruffles stopped half an inch above the bottom of her prominent panty bulge. Happy, self-satisfied dimples creased the corners of her smile. Her lips were parted in breathless triumph.


The human girl was freckled and plump, with skin almost as pale as the meridi’s and big brown eyes that stared adoringly up past the cloth-covered swell of the demon’s cock.

She knelt naked on the forest floor, one hand holding the sweaty lump of demonic crotch-meat against her face while the other dug greedily beneath her thatch of thick, untrimmed pubes. Her wet, heavy panting was loud as she rubbed the loaded panties against her face. From time to time little moaning noises escaped her.


Ellara Melthorn watched them both from the bushes. She lacked the thick bulge that the meridi sported, but her panties were even tighter: sheer, see-through black mesh stretched tight over pouting pussy lips, with dainty black polka-dots scattered across the rear panel where it hugged her curving bottom.

The young wizard was not well known at the “Cum at Yer Own Risk,” the interplanar tavern of perverse lusts that fluctuated magically between worlds, but Ellara practically lived there. Her great delight in life was to watch the strange and sexual strangers that populated the depraved inn, peering at them in secret as they fucked and fornicated in every way imaginable, inside the timbered halls or out in whatever lands happened to surround it at any given moment.

The white-skinned meridi was new to Ellara. She’d seen the occasional creature like it before—lovely, curving, female bodies endowed with male genitals, horned and hooved in fine demonic fashion—but this one had caught her eye especially as it led its partner off to a secluded forest grove.

“Kiss it,” the meridi whispered, needlessly. The human’s lips were already pressed against the rounded lump fronting those tight black panties. Spit made the sheer fabric gleam. The kneeling girl sucked and slurped noisily, curly brown hair bobbing along with her head as she rubbed up and down the heavy load.

“Get my smell all over you.” The meridi touched the back of her partner’s head; shoved it more forcefully into her crotch. Ellara heard the human’s panting become labored as the girl struggled to breathe through a mouthful of sweaty demon cock. “Can you smell my sperm? Your face is so close to it.” The horned woman moaned loudly. She tipped her head back, and her breasts jiggled obscenely in her miniscule bra. Thick nipple-bumps poked through the little blue triangles. “Suck my balls until you taste it,” she said, lips wide in pleasure. “Lick my spermy skin!”

Ellara moved the gusset of her panties aside as she watched the panting human obey. She could see the girl’s face from where she crouched, the beautiful brown eyes still opened wide and staring adoringly up at the owner of that magnificent crotch-bulge. The human seemed unable to take her gaze off the alabaster-skinned demon, even as she filled her mouth with the woman’s sweaty flesh. Ellara could smell the wet, musky mixture of their juices from her hiding place.

“Do you want to kiss them?” the meridi asked in a mocking whisper. She touched her panties; tugged teasingly on the side of them, stretching the fabric away from her body. The black lump shifted and stirred. “Should I let you kiss my balls?” she went on in the same teasing tone. “Would you like them bare against your lips?”

The human spoke for the first time. Drool gleamed on her chin as she lifted her lips—only for a moment!—from the spit-stained panties and whispered “Please, Azzria.” She licked her lips with little tongue-smacking sounds. “Please,” she lisped again, her voice wet and muffled-sounding, “please let me taste your balls.”

Her little freckled hand moved between her thighs as she spoke, and Ellara felt compelled to do the same, dipping slender fingers into the steaming sexpot that her panties did so little to conceal. The wizard bit her lip to stifle a moan as her body welcomed the touch. Soft, slippery warmth enveloped her fingertip; gripped it tight.

“I want to taste your sperm,” the human said in the same quiet whisper. Her voice was as steady and firm as a zealot’s prayer. Lust gleamed in her glazed brown eyes, still fixed on the pale woman standing over her. “Azzria, I want to taste the sperm you’re going to put in me. Please, may I lick your balls?”

Ellara felt a stir of arousal at that. She had to admire the girl’s dedication. It certainly sounded like the plump human knew what she was going to get from her lover—and like she wanted it! The mage stroked herself silently, feeling each tiny ridge inside her dripping passage with a tender fingertip. She was wet and heavy; thick and swollen between her legs with lust.

A pleased smile curved the meridi’s lips too, and she gave the human’s ringlets an affectionate pat. “Good Sandy,” she cooed approvingly. “My sweet, pretty, fertile Sandy. Aren’t you excited…?”

As she spoke, the demoness spread her legs wider. She pulled the gusset of her panties to one side. There was a stretching sound, and the snap of fabric against skin, and then Azzria’s balls bounced free, bunching the tight black panties into a wadded little band up against one thigh.

“Today you get what you’ve been waiting for,” the pale-skinned woman whispered. There was hunger in her voice, and her eyes gleamed wickedly as she leaned her head forward to watch the human’s reaction. A tiny jiggle of the demon’s hips made her whole package bounce before the freckled woman’s face. “Every last drop in these big, horny balls,” she cooed. “That is still what you want, isn’t it, Sandy darling?”

Ellara had to bite her lip to stifle a gasp, and the human girl—Sandy, apparently—didn’t even try to restrain hers. She gave something that was almost a little shriek, her gaze torn from the meridi’s face at last to stare instead at the massive, swaying balls.

They were obscene. Ellara had never seen anything like them. She couldn’t imagine how panties had ever contained them. Azzria’s sac hung nearly to her knees. Smooth, white, and hairless, it bulged with a pair of testicles, each bigger than both of Ell’s clenched fists together. It would have taken both her hands just to cup and heft one of them, had she tried.

With a satisfied moan, the meridi let her cock flop forth as well, and that lump of flesh really did hang to her knees, and past them, swollen but not yet fully erect. The tip was broad, flat, and sheathless, and a ridged ring stood out about halfway down the shaft, making it more like a horse’s cock than a human’s. A long strand of clear, sticky liquid dangled from the tip, swaying back and forth a few inches off the ground.

“Oh my God,” Sandy whispered softly. Ellara had to agree with the assessment.

“All for you,” the demon purred. She hefted her cock lazily, letting the turgid meat hang over her palm and drool its trail of spunk into the girl’s curly hair. Her enormous balls, lifted by the motion, slapped against Sandy’s chest, where they settled into the softness of the girl’s cleavage with an audible smooshing sound.

“Don’t just sit there on your knees with your mouth open,” Azzria giggled. She reached down with one finger and pushed gently on the back of the girl’s head, bowing it forward until her face ducked beneath the dripping cock and pressed down into the folds of ballsack. “Or rather, do, but put your lips on my balls first, please.” She giggled again, high-pitched and teasing. “I want you to feel the sperm swimming inside me—before you feel them swimming inside you.

Sandy whispered “Oh my God” once again, softer and this time muffled by the flesh pressed against her face. The meridi’s massive balls sat on her chest, sandwiched between her lips and her naked breasts. They shone brightly with the sticky mixture of sweat and spit and leaking sperm that had been trapped inside the constraining panties.

Ellara felt herself becoming dizzy as she crouched in the bushes and masturbated. Usually quite good at teasing herself, she was surging toward her climax much too quickly, desperate to feel that first explosion of pleasure as she watched the depraved scene unfold. There was a heady, musky smell in the air that she could only assume was coming from the meridi, some powerful reek of sex and sperm wafting off those enormous balls as Sandy bent her pretty face to worship them.

The jaded wizard had to admit, Azzria’s balls were worthy of the homage. There was nothing else in all the worlds she’d seen like them. They made Ellara feel weak in the knees and slow in the head, dumb and horny and eager to see the demon’s cock spew that mighty load forth—into Sandy, or into any other woman for that matter. Her addled brain was having a hard time imagining a pussy that wasn’t wrapped around Azzria’s gleaming shaft; filled with her creamy sperm. Tiny squelching sounds began to escape the mage’s sopping slit as the juices flowed over her fingers and began to drip down her thighs, but the lewd pairing before her seemed far too busy to notice.

Sandy knelt with her head bent for a long time, and the only sounds in the clearing were the slurping of her lips and an occasional moan from Azzria as her mighty balls were serviced. The human girl’s freckled face moved up and down over and over again, coating every inch of the swollen nut-flesh in her spit. She stopped only once, her body frozen in a sudden shudder, and Ellara realized that the human woman was cumming, orgasming with her face completely buried in the meridi’s sac. The demon only laughed and patted Sandy’s head, not even bothering to speak and tell her to keep going, and within moments the slurping sounds were back as a freshly-flushed Sandy resumed her lewd baptism.

Ellara stifled a groan and a spasm of her own. The human girl was getting off from nothing more than putting her mouth on her mistress’s balls, and Ellara couldn’t help but sympathize. She felt curiosity rising along with lust, and wondered what it would be like to put her own lips on that sweaty sac. The demon-smell was so thick in the air she could almost taste it, and it made her tongue yearn for the feel of hot flesh beneath it. Ellara began to pant as she masturbated, mouth open; drooling.

Finally, the meridi took Sandy’s curls in one hand and tugged the girl’s head back. Her freckled face came away gleaming with spit and vacant-eyed, the plump lips parted and breathless as Azzria tilted them upward.

“Good girl,” the demon whispered huskily. She took her cock—straining stiff in her hand and swollen nearly as long as Ellara’s arm, hardened by the lengthy session of ball-licking—and aimed the flat, flaring tip at Sandy’s mouth.

“Now suck,” she instructed, and she pinched the girl’s nose firmly with one hand.

Sandy’s brown eyes went wide, and she shuddered, choking for a moment, her lips spasming against the slimy tip of the meridi’s horse-sized cock. Ellara could almost feel her fear, her hesitation—and her treacherous, lustful urge to see just how much of that monster dick could fit down her throat. The mage swallowed hard and tried not to think about it filling her own hot, tight mouth.

“Wider,” Azzria insisted, and her hips pushed forward. Sandy’s mouth stretched helplessly, her ragged breaths filling the air. The pretty plumpness of her lips stretched thinner and thinner as they strained to make an opening wide enough for the demon’s obscene girth.

Then, with a loud pop, Sandy took the tip.

Ellara had to admire the girl’s flexibility. The freckled cheeks bulged; the pale jaw hung obscenely, stretching Sandy’s whole face out. Azzria groaned her approval as the flared head filled the girl’s mouth to capacity. It was like someone had shoved a meaty fist right between her teeth. With a satisfied sigh, Azzria released Sandy’s nose. Ellara could hear desperate panting, and she almost came, stopping her fingers just short of the needed release and biting her lip as she tried to hold on; to stay focused on the scene unfolding. For reasons she could not quite understand, she badly wanted to see the demon make this human woman hers, wholly and utterly. The thought that Sandy might leave the clearing anything less than a shattered, cum-addled wreck, slave to Azzria and her cock, pained Ellara, somehow.

Fortunately, Azzria seemed to have no intention of letting that happen.

Her white hands gripped her shaft, one atop the other, and she began to stroke hard and fast. Sandy, kneeling, was helpless, trapped with the flare of the cockhead behind her teeth, as effective as any gag and just as impossible for her to remove. All she could do was cup the meridi’s balls in her hands, holding them to her chest as the demon masturbated swiftly.

“I’m cumming, Sandy,” Azzria whispered, a gleam in her eyes. “I’m always cumming, all the time…my cock never stops leaking, day or night. Can you feel it now?” She giggled as the girl tried to nod, little gagging sounds her only answer around the massive cockhead. “Mmhmm, leaking down your throat. I have so much cum for you, Sandy. I’m never dry!”

Stroking faster, Azzria hunched forward, her pale breasts bouncing in their silly little blue-and-gold bra. From the waist up she looked like an absurd, fetishized cheerleader. “I’m going to fill your pretty mouth with cum,” she panted, her voice sounding strained as she stroked. “More cum than you can ever imagine. So much cum you’ll think you’re drowning in it.” She giggled breathlessly. “And then, Sandy? Then I’m going to fuck you, and it’s not going to matter that I just came in your mouth at all.” Her eyes gleamed with triumph. “My balls never run out,” she said. “I’m going to fill your mouth with sperm. I’m going to fill your belly with sperm. I’m going to fill your pussy and your womb with sperm and knock you up and make you my bitch and I’m never going to run out of sperm for you!”

With that, the meridi gave a triumphant howl and thrust forward. Ellara could see the bulge in the human girl’s cheeks as the first load erupted out of the demon’s cock—and then she saw it traveling downward, straining the sides of Sandy’s throat as her lover fired off rope after rope of cum into the warm chasm of her mouth. The skin of the girl’s neck stretched and spasmed, distended by the thick loads squirming just beneath the surface.

The pressure was obscene. It took no more than seconds, perhaps three or four gouts of cum at the most, before Sandy overflowed. Her eyes went wide in terror and her nostrils fountained cum, spraying the gooey stuff down her face and over the top of Azzria’s cock where it entered into her lips. The swollen cockhead still plugged Sandy’s mouth, but it was no match for the building pressure. Cum exploded from the edges of her lips as well. Thick white spurts arced outward to splash the forest floor, pumping in pulses as Azzria’s cock fired one blast after another into the helpless human girl. The meridi was shouting, moaning and swearing obscenely, her fingers wrapped tight around the enormous girth of her cock. The balls bounced and slapped loudly against Sandy’s naked tits. Cum was everywhere: streaming down the girl’s face, running along the length of Azzria’s cock; dripping in gooey streamers from the sides of Sandy’s cheeks and chin. Tears ran down the freckled girl’s cheeks as she choked on the sticky stuff, drooling it helplessly from mouth and nose alike.

Crouching in the bushes, Ellara fell to her knees and came furiously. Two fingers thrust deep into her steaming pussy. She curled them, pushing with her fingertips against the ridged front of her tight passage. She could feel the pressure building, and her thumb danced on her clit as she pushed harder and harder, forcing her body toward an unbearable peak. When the young mage came, it was in spurts: long, watery sprays of musky-smelling fluid that she fountained out like she was pissing. The moss and dirt beneath her turned muddy, reeking of sex. She sagged on her knees, open-mouthed, staring at the puddle between her legs and shuddering in throes of overwhelming lust.

Before her, Azzria yanked her cock from Sandy’s mouth with an audible “pop,” and two more spurts of gooey cum fired themselves across the girl’s face in sticky ropes. The smell was overpowering—rich, musky, and laden with sex, so thick in the air Ellara could almost chew it.

The cum that oozed from Sandy’s stunned lips was thick too, gleaming white and slick. It poured out of her mouth like a river and ran into the valley of her tits. Azzria’s balls bounced and swayed, slapping the sticky mounds of flesh and swinging back again, smearing the cum further. Little strings of it dripped from the underside of her obscene sac in pearly tendrils.

“Oh, fuck,” the meridi moaned, richly satisfied. “Your face, look at your fucking face.” She gripped the girl’s hair tightly and mashed the underside of her cock against Sandy’s cheek. Rubbing vigorously, she spread her cum everywhere, glazing the girl’s face in a solid sheen of spermy goo. “You can’t even close your jaw, you ruined bitch,” Azzria laughed, watching Sandy sway and drool wet cum onto her tits. “What a filthy fuckhole your mouth’s become.” She gave her cock a lazy shake, spattering Sandy’s curly hair with sperm-laden streaks. Her free hand tapped the girl’s chin with a fingertip; tilted it up and back. “Fuck that’s hot,” the demon sighed, peering down at the naked human. “Your whole mouth’s full of cum.” She pushed firmly with her fingertips, shutting the girl’s jaw for her. “So thick and gooey. Mmmm. You almost have to chew it. Think how many little swimmers I’ve already fired into your belly.”

Chuckling, she began to move Sandy with her hands, pushing and prodding expertly until the stunned-looking girl dropped down onto all fours, her knees spread wide and her rump high in the air. Panting made her breasts heave beneath her, gleaming in their coat of sticky semen. Her mouth hung slack once again, despite her mistress’s efforts, too tired to even spit the streams of cum out or force them down her throat. She simply leaked, pouring semen out like a faucet.

At last, the meridi stood, satisfied with her work, and moved directly behind the kneeling girl. The tip of her cock drooled spunk, a long strand waving in the air and dripping wet splatters onto Sandy’s pale back. Azzria bent forward. She laid her palms on Sandy’s thighs; curled her fingertips upward to take the folds of the girl’s pussy in their grasp. The freckled human gave a moan.

“Can you taste my cum, Sandy?” Azzria whispered.

Still moaning, the human nodded. She gurgled wetly in her throat, swallowing and gagging for a moment before saying “Azzria, yes!” Her lips made a loud slurping sound as she tried to clear her mouth to speak. “So much cum. Azzria, I’m so full of your cum.”

The meridi chuckled and crouched down behind the human. Her swaying cock was absurd, the tip bobbing up near her breasts as her fingers explored the pink curves of Sandy’s slit. “Let it warm your belly, Sandy dearest,” she cooed. “All for you. Just like this load, too, my sweet!” With a bob of her hips, she thrust forward, and her heavy balls slapped the girl’s upraised bottom. Sandy gasped, and Azzria giggled, repeating the messy scrotum-spanking several times, until Sandy’s cheeks gleamed with the same sticky overflow as the demon’s pouch.

At last, the meridi let go and shuffled back from Sandy’s thighs. She fell to her knees; gripped her obscene horse-cock in both hands. With a wriggle, she bent it low and pressed the flaring tip between Sandy’s legs.

Ellara could not see the impending penetration from where she crouched, dizzied, in the moss, and the realization made her bite her lip with panicked disappointment. Her chest heaved with the exertion of her recent climax. She stumbled and crashed awkwardly through the bushes, sloppy with her stealth, desperately eager for reasons she could not quite explain to see the girl’s pussy stretch around that massive cock.

Fortunately, Azzria seemed entirely focused on her prey. Her hands reached up and gripped Sandy’s buttocks. The pale meridi had to bend almost double at the waist just to reach, her breasts brushing the length of her cock as they dangled. Firm palms spread the girl as wide as she could go.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” the demon whispered in a husky voice. “It’ll fit. It always does.”

To Ellara’s amazement, Sandy nodded her head until her curls bounced. “I know,” the girl whispered. “I’ve seen it.” She trembled violently, her voice thick with lust. “You stretch us and break us and load us down with cum. Little breeder-bitches carrying your half-breed babies.” A whimper interrupted her speech, but she thrust back with her hips, pressing her cuntlips against the flaring cockhead as it strained to pierce her. “Please, Azzria,” she begged, “please fuck me. Add me to your stable. I want to be like your other women. I want to serve your cock!”

The meridi threw back her head and laughed. Her breasts heaved in their silly blue bra, bouncing up and down. “I know you do,” she said, ruffling the girl’s hair with more than a touch of smugness. “You’re a fertile little bitch. I smelled it on you a mile away.” She leaned forward, and Ellara saw the girl’s mouth go wide as her pussy stretched slowly out around that flaring cockhead. “No fertile woman can resist my cock,” the demon said. She gave Sandy’s thigh an affectionate little pat. The girl shivered and bowed her head, brown ringlets falling all around her sperm-glazed face. “The smell of my cum breaks them all down. They all spread for me in the end!”

With that, Azzria grunted and shoved forward. Sandy gave a cry, and her knees slipped even further apart on the forest floor, but Azzria’s strong hands held her up—and then the demon was in, inch after inch of her monster cock sliding through the tight ring of Sandy’s brutally-stretched cuntlips. Ellara could see them straining from where she crouched, the pale pink folds spread into a skintight O-shape that hugged the meridi’s cock as close as a condom.

“Get ready, girl,” the demon whispered. Her hips jolted, and Ellara could tell from Sandy’s flinch that the horse-sized cock had just nudged the human’s cervix. “Here comes your first baby!”

Whimpering softly, Ellara crouched in the bushes and watched as the meridi began to fuck the human woman, slowly at first and then harder, bending the pale, freckled body beneath her until it seemed about to break. Sandy’s wails and moans grew more and more ragged, trailing off at last into nothing more than a strange, horny, sobbing; little breathless whimpers of desperate lust. Her body shook like a ragdoll in Azzria’s strong hands, worn out and completely submissive to the brutal pounding. Azzria knew what she was doing, and her strong hands held the limp body up, working it along her shaft like a huge, breathing sex toy—a tight sleeve custom-fitted for the demon’s dick; unresisting as she plowed it with her obscene cock.

Ellara had to wonder how much the straining Sandy’s body could physically take before something tore, but Azzria was mercifully quick. After a few short minutes of thrusting, she buried herself as deep as she could go and threw her head back, groaning in satisfaction. Her balls heaved up and down, and Ellara could see the base of the shaft (still outside the girl’s body, for the demon had driven as deep as she could go and then stopped, leaving nearly half a foot outside the straining ring of Sandy’s cuntlips) swell and jerk in strong, rhythmic spasms: the pulses of a massive load being emptied, squirt by squirt, into Sandy’s fertile body.

“Take it all,” Azzria moaned. “Take my babies, you sperm-slurping bitch!”

Cum began to flow out from around the edges of the stretched pussy lips, squirting Azzria’s balls and thighs every time her cock jerked, but still she went on cumming, depositing more and more of her sticky seed deep inside her limp partner. Ellara couldn’t even begin to guess how much there was. Just the escaping overflow seemed absurd, liters of white slime drooling from the woman’s distended pussy to the moss below. The skin of Sandy’s belly looked taut and stretched, a bulge beginning to form in her midsection as cum leaked past her cervix to fill her swelling womb. Azzria’s hands reached around to cup her partner’s stomach in satisfaction. She gave a great groan and began to draw her cock backward, gushing streams of white cum pouring over the veiny shaft as it left Sandy’s battered snatch gaping in its wake.

“Sleep it off,” the meridi chuckled, giving the girl’s ass a slap, “and maybe I’ll see you around the Ol’ Cummer some time.” Her eyes gleamed wickedly. “If you ever want another fuck, come talk to me in nine months or so…I should be interested in you again by then!”

Sandy moaned something incomprehensible, but Azzria ignored it, the tip of her swollen shaft popping free at last with a lewd ”schlorp” sound. She yawned, stood, and stretched, breasts bouncing, a lazy and satisfied smile creasing her pale face. Her cock flopped down in front of her balls, temporarily softened but still swollen to a girth few humans could even imagine, much less taste, and she twisted her hips from side to side to waggle it invitingly in the warm forest air.

Behind the meridi, branches rustled as a fourth finger slipped into Ellara’s pussy. She noticed—with a vacant, almost absent-minded sense of lust-hazed horror—that she could feel the telltale swelling and stickiness of her own fertile period all over the insides of her sex. A single tear ran down the wizard’s cheek as she realized that she had been caught in a desperate struggle the whole time she watched the obscene breeding—and that she had lost. The demon’s strange, sexual smell was master of her hormones. Every panting breath drew it in deeper; saturated Ellara’s mind with the same lust that Sandy had felt, down on her knees in the clearing. Ellara hadn’t realized it was happening, and now that it had she didn’t care. All that mattered was her part in the breeding.

Slowly, unresisting, Ellara began to crawl into the clearing. She knew with a strange and unshakable certainty that it was her turn to beg for the meridi’s sperm—and that Azzria would all too gladly give it to her. Ellara Melthorn was going to bear a lust-demon’s half-breed babies, and she was going to beg for the privilege of doing it. The idea of doing anything else, after the scene she had just witnessed, was completely alien to her. How could she not want what Sandy had wanted, when she could see the blown-out breeder bitch right there, collapsed on the ground and moaning in mindless delight as the sperm puddled between her pale, cumstained thighs?

Ellara came with a cry, fuzzy-minded with pleasure as she crawled clumsily, still fingering herself, toward her mistress’s bobbing cock, and Azzria was waiting for her when she reached the spunk-slicked tip with a knowing smile on her beautiful, demonic face. “Suck,” the demon whispered softly, lifting the drooping shaft—and Ellara sucked, weeping with joy as she tasted her mistress’s seed.


Azzria’s adventures continue in “Fertile Mistresses,” a 50-page novella of demonic depravity available for just $3.99 on all the major ebook retailers. To see all the fun of “Fertile Forest” dialed up to 11, buy “Fertile Mistresses” today and start reading!

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