Discipline in the Workplace

Discipline in the Workplace

A. Vivian Vane

Copyright 2018 by A. Vivian Vane

First Edition


This is a work of fiction intended for adult audiences only. All persons depicted are imaginary, and any similarities to real people, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Any characters depicted in sexual situations are at least 18 years of age.


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Geneva’s hands trembled as she shut the door to Robert’s office. She kept them behind her back and turned to face him, palms pressed flat on the varnished wood to hide her weakness. Her company’s junior risk analyst looked up, a polite smile on his face.

Robert was dressed in a white shirt with a crisp collar. His necktie was draped carelessly over a corner of his desk, and the top button of his shirt was undone. Just a few strands of soft black hair were visible in the V-shaped opening, companions to the short, dark burr he wore atop his head.

Geneva’s mind hiccupped to a halt at the hint of bare flesh. She blinked, staring at Robert’s chest, trying to collect her thoughts.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Harrow,” Robert said quietly. “How may I help you?”

Quiet, but not shy—that was what had first attracted Geneva to Robert. He spoke only when he had something of value to say, and then he said it firmly and without embellishment. Her interest had been piqued when Robert had taken over a meeting from a careless superior in his department, pointing out several key concerns that others had missed.

Since then, of course, Geneva had found several other things she liked about Robert.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Lawson,” Geneva said. She brushed a curl of auburn hair back from her eyes with one hand and jiggled the handle of the door with the other, making sure both the lock and the deadbolt were thrown.

They were. She was locked in. Smoked glass and solid wood hid them from the rest of the company; from the rest of Geneva’s subordinates. No one else would ever know what took place inside the small office.

Taking a deep breath, Geneva lowered her voice and said, “I want you.”

Robert was small and sharp-featured, a contrast to Geneva’s heart-shaped face and soft cheeks. He needed only a very small lift of one eyebrow to form a questioning quirk. One of his slim hands moved to lie atop his desk, just above the uppermost drawer on the right side.

“Go on…?” Robert said softly.

A flush rose in Geneva’s cheeks. Excitement shot through her like an electric shock, making her whole body tingle. Knowing how weak she sounded, and how needy, she stared down past the front of her white blouse and navy skirt to her stocking-clad feet in their leather pumps. “I need that,” she whispered, nodding toward the corner of Robert’s desk, just below his hand. “Please.”

Robert smiled. It was a little smile, but it was enough. Geneva could read a faint, possessive pride on her analyst’s face. Her heart pounded. Unconsciously, she pressed her thighs together beneath the dark skirt. Her clothes felt far too warm; far too constricting. She had wanted to tear them off on her way down from the executive suite, and wouldn’t that have given the board something to talk about at their next meeting?

Without raising his hand or his voice, Robert said, “Show me.”

He sat in perfect stillness, looking for all the world like a worker lost in thought at his desk. Geneva flushed, squirmed, and reached down to grasp the hem of her skirt with both hands. She knew what he wanted.

Her face flaming, Geneva lifted slowly. Inch by inch, the navy cloth rolled upward. She panted for breath, wet with sweat beneath her blouse. A knot of excitement clenched tight behind her bellybutton.

“Please…” she whispered again, and then the hem of her skirt was at her waist. Geneva stood with her feet slightly spread, panting and blushing as she showed her underwear to her handsome, quiet employee.

A hint of satisfaction widened Robert’s smile. Warm pride washed through Geneva. She had bought a pair of beautiful white lace panties just for him, ringed with a matching garter belt and suspenders to hold up her stockings—all much too frilly and seductive for proper business attire, of course, but Geneva had worn it with excitement beneath her demure skirt. The wickedness of what she was planning had helped keep her on edge all day long.

“Very good,” Robert said at last, after Geneva had stood with her skirt raised and her face flaming for what seemed like an eternity. He slid the top drawer of his desk open, reached inside; produced a wide leather collar and wiggled it invitingly in the air. “You may have your reward.”

Robert raised one finger and wagged it as Geneva started forward, adding, “Ah, ah, ah!” The finger swiveled around to point downward. “On your knees,” Robert said. His dark eyes gleamed, not with malice, but certainly with eager anticipation. “Like a good girl.”

A soft moan escaped Geneva’s lips. The collar seemed to swell in her vision. It was such a simple thing, just a little loop of black leather with chrome rings…and yet, in Robert’s hands, it was so much more. It stood for everything they had become; everything he had done to her. Everything she wanted him to do to her.

With a breathless huff, Geneva fell to her knees.

Office carpet rubbed Geneva’s stockings. She made her way slowly forward. Another waggle of Robert’s fingers sent her down on all fours, with no need for further speech. She hung her head and crawled like a dog.

Inch by inch, Geneva could feel her stern, executive presence slipping away. The cares of the day vanished behind her as she made her way across the office floor. All that mattered was the collar. Robert needed to put the collar on her. Then she could be happy.

“Please,” Geneva whispered. She inched forward. A clean, well-polished dress shoe slid out to meet her, and she bent to kiss it. Her lips met slick leather; left a wet stain. She smelled the pungency of shoe polish. Over and over, she kissed the shoe. With her skirt hiked to her waist, her panty-clad ass wiggled exposed above her, and she let it sway from side to side, knowing that Robert was enjoying the view. “Please, please, please,” she chanted. “I’ll be good. Please. I’ll be good.”

A hand slid down and cupped her chin. Robert raised Geneva’s face until she could meet his eyes. Staring down at her, he slipped the open collar beneath her neck and held it in place. “What is this?” he asked quietly.

Blushing, Geneva gave the answer she knew he wanted. “It’s my collar,” she recited.

“Why do you have a collar?” Robert asked.

“Because I can’t be in charge,” Geneva answered. She couldn’t stop blushing, but the heat in her face felt good. It felt right. She needed to be embarrassed; deserved to be embarrassed. Staring at the collar, she recited, “I can’t control myself. I can’t be in charge. I need a Master in charge of me. I need to be told what to do.”

Robert’s hand stroked Geneva’s cheek, and she shuddered. It was impossible to resist the touch. She leaned into it, moaning. His skin was warm against hers. “Good girl,” he said.

The hand moved up to lift Geneva’s hair off her neck. Soft leather slid around her throat. She felt a gentle tug; heard a click. The collar settled into place, tight enough for Geneva to feel it against her skin without struggling to breathe.

Unable to help herself, Geneva let out a long, low moan. She bit her lip to try and keep herself quiet. Her body pulsed with excitement as Robert carefully tugged and adjusted the collar into place.

“Hold still,” Robert ordered sternly. A hand swatted her panty-clad rump, very lightly. Geneva flinched, blushed, and bowed her head in shame — she hadn’t even realized she was fidgeting, squirming her weight from side to side like an over-excited child as the collar snugged down. She was breathless with exertion; flushed and sweating beneath her clothes.

Soft cloth descended over Geneva’s eyes. She controlled an instinctive flinch and held still, trusting Robert. With a few quick tugs, he wrapped his necktie around her face, forming a silky and surprisingly effective blindfold.

Satisfaction in his voice, Robert said, “There, that’s better.” He patted her head gently. “Turn around. Hands and knees.”

His hand slipped lower to seize her collar. Hooking a finger through one of the chrome rings, Robert led Geneva in a half-circle on the floor, never rising from his chair.

Geneva shivered as strong fingers hooked into the waistband of her panties; tugged them gently downward. The fine lace slid down her thighs and bunched up around the tops of her stockings, trapped behind her garters. She expected Robert to unfasten the clips, but instead his hands moved back upward, caressing the naked swell of her bottom.

Slow, firm squeezes made Geneva moan again. The warm, unseen hands cupped her buttocks and molded them for Robert’s pleasure. She shuddered in delighted bliss as he kneaded the pale, freckled softness, taking his time with her body.

Between Geneva’s thighs, her pussy throbbed with needy eagerness. She could feel—and smell—the slick wetness gathered just behind her outer lips. A touch from Robert could have spread the folds easily, slipping past them into welcoming warmth, but he made no move to possess her naked snatch. Instead, his thumbs hooked her butt cheeks; spread the crack of her ass wide.

Already blushing, Geneva could feel her face flame brighter as a fingertip stroked the crinkled flesh that ringed her asshole. She shivered, arousal warring with real uneasiness. “Wait,” she pleaded, her voice hoarse. “I don’t—I’ve never done that before.”

The finger stopped its stroking, but stayed against her dark pucker, warm and soft. Robert’s other hand reached up to stroke her hair soothingly. “Hush,” he said. “Don’t think. Feel.”

A gentle stroking resumed, caressing her in tiny circles between her buttocks. Geneva bit her lip and tried not to squirm. Behind her blindfold, it was easy to obey; to focus entirely on the sensations of her body. Everything was hot, sweaty, and stifled beneath her clothes, save where Robert had pulled her panties down…where Robert was caressing her; petting her in the dirtiest and most private of places.

Lust throbbed in Geneva’s untouched pussy. She wanted desperately for Robert to yank his pants off, fall to his knees, and fuck her hard, but she knew he would not. Not yet, at least—not until he had teased her almost past the point of endurance.

That was their game, and it was the excitement of it that kept Geneva coming back to what was, she knew, a somewhat inadvisable office romance. Robert knew how to push all her buttons, and how to make the serious cares of her long workdays melt away into blissful, mindless submission.

Even the play with her asshole was having its intended effect. Distracted and a tiny bit fearful, uncertain how or whether she would like his touch back there, Geneva had defaulted to a stunned silence while Robert resumed his ministrations. And with the rest of her body trapped and uncomfortable in her office clothes, she had to admit the freedom and the kind, soothing touches on her naked ass felt very good, very good indeed…

The drip of something cool and wet down Robert’s probing finger made Geneva start in surprise. He murmured soothing sounds and went on stroking, rubbing the slick substance into the crinkled folds of skin. “Shhh,” he said. “Stop trying to think. Trust my hands.”

One hand squeezed her ass as he spoke, and Geneva shivered, enjoying the firm grip on her flesh. Robert had a very controlled touch, strong without being crushing. She submitted to his squeezing as he went on rubbing whatever the wet stuff was against her asshole.

“You’re a good girl,” Robert murmured. He spoke with a steady, rolling rhythm, like a chant or a prayer. “A good pet. You need your collar. You need it so much. Decisions are hard. Thinking is hard. Just relax and let Master take care of you. You never need to think in here, Geneva…never need to make choices.” His hands rose from her body, leaving her hole and her crack well slicked with something smooth and slippery. “I make those for you.”

Geneva bowed her head and trembled in the darkness at the power of Robert’s voice. She could feel the carpet digging in through her stockings as she crouched, collared like an animal, on the office floor. The burning lust between her legs was growing until it overpowered everything, even the rational thoughts of setting boundaries and keeping things from going too far she tried to bring with her when she came to Robert.

“Please…” Geneva gasped, her voice hoarse. Robert made a quiet, prompting sound, and she begged, “Please, I need to cum. Master. Please. I need to cum. I can’t think. I need to cum!”

Her hands trembled, desperate to reach back and rub her needy cunt for just a moment; just the few seconds it would take to bring her off. But Geneva refused to do that, not until Robert said she could. Even if she hadn’t feared a spanking, or worse, for acting without her permission (which she did), it would have disappointed him, and Geneva was determined not to disappoint her Master.

Something slim, cold, and hard touched against Geneva’s bottom. “Not yet,” Robert said. He gave a gentle shove. With a smooth, rushing sensation, something firm parted the well-slicked hole and slid inside Geneva’s rear end. By the time she had managed a gasp of surprise, it was already all the way in, with a flared base snugged tight between her cheeks.

And that was it. Robert lifted his hands away and gave a soft sigh of satisfaction. Geneva was left on her hands and knees, still blushing, adjusting to what was really a much less overwhelming sensation than she’d anticipated. In fact, she barely felt anything at all, beyond a faint pressure and the slick wetness of the lube.

Experimentally, Geneva wiggled her ass from side to side. She could just barely feel the alien firmness of whatever Robert had slipped inside her, pressing against the taut ring of her hole. It certainly wasn’t painful, as she had feared.

Robert tapped the flared base gently; sent a tiny vibration through Geneva’s slick inner walls. She gasped in pleasure. “You see?” he murmured, petting her hair one-handed. “Master knows best. You like your toy, don’t you?”

He tapped the plug again, and Geneva shuddered. It was such a light sensation, but knowing what it came from sent a naughty thrill tingling down her spine. Her pussy clenched, as if jealous of her other, filled hole.

“Yes,” Geneva admitted in a whisper. If she could have blushed brighter, she would have. Kneeling on the office floor, telling one of her employees that she liked an unseen plug up her ass! It was more humiliating than anything she could have imagined…and she was loving it.

“I like it,” she said, raising her voice just a tiny bit. Robert’s hand was still on her ass, cupping the swell of one cheek, and she pushed back eagerly into his firm grip. “I like the toy in—in my butt.” Her voice caught for a moment, but she pressed on, savoring the freedom to say anything she wanted. “I like how you did it. Firm. Strong. Without asking me.” She shivered at the last. It came close to crossing a dangerous line, but she trusted Robert to know her real limits, and to not push past them without checking first.

Robert patted her ass gently. “Of course you do,” he said. “You need a Master in charge. You always need a Master in charge.”

At last he rose, leaving his chair for the first time since Geneva entered the office. She heard soft footfalls on the carpet, then felt a tug on her collar. Guided by Robert’s hands, Geneva rose into a kneeling position. Her bottom tipped back to rest on her heels. She gave another little gasp as her weight settled, and the plug inside her dug a tiny bit deeper—still not painful, but decidedly present; impossible to ignore.

The faint tugging sound of a zipper made Geneva’s heart beat faster. She licked her lips without even thinking about it, wetting her light gloss until it shone. Robert gave a soft chuckle.

“Eager,” he murmured. One hand still hooked through her collar, he pulled her face gently forward. Soft warmth pressed to Geneva’s mouth. Blindfolded, she could only feel his cock; could only know it through the velvety touch of its crown against her lips. She moaned into Robert’s flesh. A gentle nudge opened her lips wider, and she welcomed him into her body obediently, dizzy with excitement and squirming on her plugged ass.

With a wet pop, Robert’s cockhead slipped into Geneva’s mouth. She went on moaning around it, showing off her eagerness as she started to slurp the underside. His swollen glans lay like a weight on her tongue, pressing it down, and she lapped at it, tracing the sensitive underside and tasting his salty flesh. Robert rewarded her with a small shudder and a sigh of pleasure. He stroked her hair as she started to suck.

“Good,” he praised. “You’re a good girl. A good cocksucker.”

Geneva squirmed and sucked, her blush brightening. Robert gave a knowing chuckle. “Good cocksucker,” he repeated more firmly. His hand slid lower; caressed her cheek. “You like hearing that? Mmm. Cocksucker. It’s what you are, you know. You get on your knees and you suck cock. Cocksucker!”

Humiliated, Geneva groaned—and went right on sucking, unable to help herself. Her darkened world had collapsed inward until nothing mattered except the needs of her body and the demands of her Master. He didn’t even have to grip her hair and guide her, as he had sometimes done in the past. Geneva began to bob her head up and down of her own accord, thrusting the unseen cock as deep as she could manage before sliding it back our, right to the rim of her lips, and flicking it with her tongue as she plunged it in once more.

He was right. She was a cocksucker. More than that—she was a good cocksucker. She took pride in it. She loved sucking his dick; loved knowing that she was bringing him pleasure. It made her squirm with arousal, her plug shifting ceaselessly back and forth inside her lubed-up ass.

Robert gave a sigh of pleasure. “I could let you do that forever,” he said. There was a hint of regret in his voice. “But not today,” he said. “You have a meeting today…remember?”

As he spoke, a hand reached down to unfasten the first few buttons of Geneva’s blouse. Robert brushed the opening wide, exposing the white lace of her bra (companion to her expensive panties) and more than a little of Geneva’s generous cleavage. She whined in frustration and went on sucking, reaching up with one hand to grip the base of his cock and stroke it. He was such a good Master, remembering her schedule when she’d long since forgotten it…but maybe she could get him off first?


It was not to be. Robert’s firm hands pushed her fingers aside; shoved her head gently back until the spit-slicked shaft popped free. Geneva gave a frustrated moan, still lashing the air with her tongue.

“Hush, pet,” Robert said soothingly. She heard soft, wet, slapping sounds; felt a hand grip her hair and tilt her head back. “Tits out for me, now. Stick them out!”

Obediently, Geneva arched her spine and leaned further and further back, pressing down against her plugged bottom and thrusting her half-bared breasts up and out.

“There,” Robert panted, his voice ragged. “Just like that. Stay there. Ahhh…yes!”

Even in climax, his voice barely rose. He gave only one little grunt of pleasure as he came all over Geneva’s outthrust tits. Her own gasp was louder than any noise Robert had made as the first hot splash spattered across her breasts.

Geneva moaned in humiliated delight and blushed furiously behind her blindfold. Thick, wet ropes of cum rained down, drenching her bosom and dripping into the valley of her cleavage. Robert held her hair tight and worked his cock, draining every last drop of spunk out of his balls and onto her panting, heaving breasts. Geneva, beneath him, groaned in pleasure and nearly wept in frustrated lust as she felt his sperm bathing her; marking her body as his own.

At last, the spurts of cum ceased. The pair of them panted raggedly in the silent office. Geneva clenched and unclenched her thighs, nearly driven to climax herself in her frenzy of lust. Her tits were drenched, sticky and warm; she could only imagine what they looked like. She gave a groan of dismay as Robert started buttoning her blouse back up.

“A present for you,” he whispered lovingly. “Something to treasure up there alone in your office. Wear it with pride…pet.” He gave a chuckle and fastened the top button. Cum dripped down Geneva’s breasts, hidden behind the light fabric, filling her nose with the smell of sex.

“Please,” she moaned, knowing it was useless. “Please, no. Someone will see.”

“Not if you’re careful,” Robert replied calmly. “Don’t bend too far forward, and you’ll be fine. You can resist shaking your tits at people for a few hours until it’s all dried, can’t you?” He chuckled again. “Now stand up. Pull your panties back up. It’s time for you to be the big boss again.”

He lifted the blindfold from her eyes as she rose, and Geneva blinked against the painfully bright light of the office. Robert was already zipping his pants up, the cock that had showered her with cum hidden from view, and she bit her lip and squirmed in desperate lust.

Glancing at the clock, Geneva could see that there was no time. She tried anyway. “Please,” she begged, clutching a hand to the hem of her skirt. “Robert. Please. Make me cum?”

Robert smiled and sat at his desk. He did not even bother to shake his head. “No,” he said simply. “Tonight. Your place. When I take your plug out. I’ll come by around 8:00.”

Geneva quailed at the thought. She looked at the clock again. “I have to wear it until then?” she asked, her voice small. Although it was not painful, the plug was impossible to ignore…and it would be a constant reminder of her humiliation as she tried to get her work done, just like the drying stains of jizz hidden beneath her blouse. She bit her lip, unsure if she could take the torment.

Robert looked up and smiled at her. It was a tiny smile, but it was fond, proud, and trusting, and it warmed Geneva’s heart. Determined to play his games obediently, she smiled back and pulled her skirt down, wriggling to hike her panties into place over the plug’s flaring base. Geneva wondered what it actually looked like, this strange, alien thing buried inside her ass. She supposed she would find out that evening.

“You’re a good pet,” Robert said softly. Geneva blushed and glowed with pleasure. “Go to work, now.” He made a tiny wave toward the door, and Geneva, giving one last tug to adjust her blouse over her dripping tits, wobbled unsteadily to her feet.

“Oh, Geneva?” Robert called. She stopped and looked at him. He smiled in amusement, opened his top desk drawer, and pointed at it. “The collar might look a little strange in the workplace.”

Blushing furiously, Geneva hurried back to his desk to return the collar. Robert grinned the whole while, clearly enjoying her flustered state. He gave her bottom a last, admiring pat and watched its sway as she made her reluctant way to the door.

“Have a good afternoon, Ms. Harrow,” Robert called softly.

Geneva—her breasts sticky with sperm, her pussy throbbing, and her ass prodded at every step by the plug wedged deep inside it —took a deep breath, gave Robert a polite, professional nod and said, “Good afternoon, Mr. Lawson. Keep up the good work.”

One had to maintain a bit of discipline in the workplace, after all.