Dickgirls Around Town: Barebacked Barback (The Beginning)

“Dickgirls Around Town: Barebacked Barback (The Beginning)” is a free erotic short story for A. Vivian Vane mailing list subscribers


Dickgirls Around Town: Barebacked Barback (The Beginning)


A. Vivian Vane

Copyright 2015 by A. Vivian Vane

First Edition


This is a work of fiction intended for adult audiences only. All persons depicted are imaginary, and any similarities to real people, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Any characters depicted in sexual situations are at least 18 years of age.


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Barebacked Barback – The Beginning

The girl came to the bar several hours before opening and let herself in the back. That right there meant Maddy had to give her credit for smarts and spunk—the closed front door kept most job seekers and solicitors away. Still, it didn’t do to be too encouraging. The big bartender folded her arms across her chest, raised a challenging eyebrow, and looked the young woman up and down.

“I think I’m gonna need to see some ID, kid,” Maddy said, mostly as a joke. There was no way the girl was legal drinking age. Slim and fine-boned, she wore the white blouse and plaid skirt of the town’s biggest Catholic school, and her black hair was back in twin pigtails. Maddy could have grabbed both the girl’s tits in one hand—and she knew it for a fact, since the blouse was undone two buttonholes from the top, and there was no trace of a bra beneath it.

“I’m not here for booze,” the girl replied. She offered Maddy a pretty, wheedling smile. “My name’s Ling. I want to work here. Servers can start at 18 in this state, if they’re supervised.”

Maddy took her time eyeing the girl over some more. Ling was a hottie, no denying that, and she clearly knew it. She had a Barbie doll waist, just ridiculous in its slenderness, and her skin was a perfect, silky tan. Maddy sure as hell liked looking at the little charmer. She shifted her feet apart to make some more room in the crotch of her jeans. “You know what kind of bar this is?” she asked, brusque and challenging.

Ling’s chin came up defiantly. “It’s a dickgirl bar,” she said. “All the really horny studs come here. And a bunch of sluts from the college.”

Maddy had to grin. She at least liked the girl’s attitude. “That’s right,” she said. “You like dickgirls, huh?” It was not as strange a question as it might have been elsewhere. The local college had started admitting the third-sexed hermaphrodites as their own acknowledged gender at least a generation before the rest of the country had caught up with changing trends in childbirth, brought on by hormones in the food supply, and the resident population skewed heavily toward dickgirls as a result. It showed in the birthrates, too, not just of dickgirls but of babies in general. A lot of women had a hard time saying no to the intoxicating hormonal cocktail of girls with both pussies and cocks. Pregnancy was common, and downright encouraged—the college even taught “motherhood” classes for the many female students who got knocked up during their time in town.

“There were six in my graduating class last year,” Ling said. She gave a defiant toss of her pigtails. “I fucked ’em all,” she declared. “One time they all six ran a train on me in the principal’s office. She didn’t care. She’s a dyke slut who doesn’t care what the legal aged girls do, so long as we let her suck some nut-butter from our pussies afterward.”

Maddy laughed out loud. The girl had a mouth on her, all right. That was what happened when you put a bunch of girls in short skirts together and tried to teach ’em religion, she figured. The Catholic schoolgirls always had been the slutty ones in town, even before the church administration reluctantly decided to lump dickgirls in with the females for purposes of their gender-segregated institutions. (And that particular mistake had done nothing for the wholesomeness of their wholly female students, Maddy knew from personal experience.)

Shifting again, Maddy reached down and grabbed the front of her jeans one-handed. She massaged the growing bulge in her crotch. “All right, Ling,” she said. “Turns out I do need a new barback right now. And I like an eager worker, so if hanging out with dickgirls really does it for you…?” She trailed off, raising an eyebrow, and Ling nodded firmly at her. The girl looked defiantly proud of her fetish. Maddy bet she’d caught a lot of catty shit about it in high school—mostly from jealous bitches who wanted the attention and the sex, but didn’t quite have the guts to give it up hard and raunchy like the town’s dickgirl population wanted.

“Tell you what, sugarplum,” said Maddy, untucking her battered flannel shirt. She popped the clasp of her belt (a big, rodeo-style buckle that pulled heavily downward as it swung free) and flicked the button on her jeans. “It gets hot in here, and I don’t never wear underpants. So you show me some ID says you’re of legal age, and then you suck my thick, sweaty cock like you really love it, I’ll take you on.” She tilted her head, struck by a sudden curiosity. “Say—if you graduated last year, how come you’re all dressed up like a schoolgirl still?”

Ling shoved a hand into the pocket of her skirt and produced a state ID card. She handed it to Maddy, who did some quick mental math—nineteen years old, plus a couple months; not old enough to drink, but old enough to serve beers under adult supervision. And, more importantly for Maddy’s immediate interest, well past the legal age of consent, not just locally but nationally…

“It gets people hot,” Ling said frankly. She fell to her knees on the rubber matting behind the bar in a little flounce of plaid skirt and reached up to grip Maddy’s jeans, one hand on each side of the zipper. “That ‘naughty schoolgirl’ thing, you know? I can do china-doll shit too, if you want. ‘Me horny Asia girl, suck you long time,’ all that. I don’t give a shit, as long as it gets you hot.” She pulled down as she spoke, and Maddy’s cock flopped free, bereft of underwear as promised. It was a big, uncut slab of dickmeat, and Maddy was proud of how thick it hung even when she wasn’t hard—not that it wasn’t starting to twitch and swell as Ling took it firmly in one hot little hand. With an expert flick of her wrist, Ling worked the loose skin around Maddy’s cock back and forth along the length. She thumbed the tip experimentally, feeling for wetness at the dark piss-slit.

The air behind the bar, never the freshest at the best of times, filled with the stink of sweat and old, stale jizz. Maddy leered down at the kneeling Ling. Her cock grew thicker and longer, and began to swing slowly upward. She couldn’t help it—the sight of the kneeling teenager, all dressed up like a slutty schoolgirl and fondling Maddy’s cock without hesitation, was making Maddy harden rapidly.

“Jesus, your cock is filthy!” Ling exclaimed, her voice breathless with excitement. “It’s making me hot as hell.” She wrapped both her little hands around the base of Maddy’s dick, fingers interlaced. Her thumbs reached up along either side of the shaft and tugged gently downward on the bartender’s foreskin. Ling’s eyes bulged as the crown of Maddy’s prick popped out in front of her face, and Maddy smirked with pride. It was obscene, and she knew it—a huge, bulbous lump of reddish flesh, gleaming with sticky wetness. The smell of dick-sweat and old cum rolled off it as Ling gave the shaft beneath the prickhead a stroke with her doubled fist. The girl looked slightly dazed. “Holy shit,” she said, “it’s huge! You could kill someone with that thing!”

With that, Ling opened her mouth as wide as it could stretch and shoved Maddy’s dick inside. The teenager didn’t even try to suck; her jaw hung slack as she wrestled the swollen cockhead between her straining lips. It filled the hot little cavern of her mouth to the brim. Maddy groaned aloud as she felt the slut’s tongue moving. It shifted the weight of her huge glans from side to side, lapping sticky filth from the knob’s veiny underside. Maddy heard wet slurping sounds as stale, dried-up cum turned watery in Ling’s mouth and dripped off the bartender’s prick onto her probing tongue.

“You’re a fucking slut,” Maddy said approvingly, Reaching out, she laid a possessive hand atop Ling’s head. “How you like that dirty cock-slime?”

Ling drew back with a huge slurp. For a moment, her lips caught on the rim of Maddy’s cock. The girl’s lips strained, and her cheeks sucked in as she struggled to tug herself off the swollen glans. Finally, it sprang free with a wet pop, showering her face in jizzy spittle. Her chin was sheened wet with drool as the schoolgirl looked up at Maddy and declared, “That’s the hottest cock I ever sucked. I can taste stale pussy all over it, too! You fuck someone today?”

Maddy grinned proudly. “My wife,” she said, holding up her left hand to show Ling the gold band on her ring finger. “She works downtown for one of the banks. Comes here on her lunch hour for a fuck on the bartop, the floor, the bathroom—wherever I want her.” Maddy rubbed her cockhead against Ling’s cheek, slapping the tanned skin lightly and leaving wet smears behind. “She loves my cock-stink. Can’t get enough of it. Likes me to pound her pussy when I’m really filthy and then walks her slimy cunt back to work…no panties. Dripping fuck-slime all down her thighs, the randy bitch.”

Ling groaned appreciatively. Her little hands were working Maddy’s cock up and down all the while they spoke, wanking the huge dickgirl prick up against her tiny, teenaged face. “God, that’s hot,” she said. “I wish you’d fuck my ass one day and stuff her with your dirty dick afterward—and let me suck the spunk out of her smelly gash when you’re done, too!”

Maddy laughed and tightened her grip on Ling’s hair. She tilted the smaller woman’s face upward with one hand; reached down and hefted her dick with the other. Ling’s slender hands fell away from the shaft. Maddy took a half step forward and let her balls slap against the upturned lips beneath her. “You got a dirty mouth, Ling,” she said, grinning. “Better stuff some balls in there and shut the fuck up while I have a wank. I don’t want to hear anything out of you the next couple minutes that isn’t slurping and moaning, you understand?”

Still holding Ling’s hair in one hand, Maddy gripped her cock and gave it a brisk pump. Her fist made a nice, warm sheath for the slimy sheen of spit Ling had left along the shaft. Almost as good as fucking a pussy, really—and with the added benefit of watching a teenage slut down on her knees beneath Maddy’s cock, slurping her sweaty balls for all she was worth. Maddy groaned appreciatively as Ling’s tongue slapped the underside of her nutsack. The teen’s mouth made a hot seal as she suckled first one ball and then the other, then both at once, filling her mouth with crinkled, veiny flesh.

“You like that, slut?” Maddy grunted. She could feel pressure building in her balls, and they pressed against Ling’s tongue as they swelled, their load churning with lustful need. “You like getting your mouth filthy with my balls?” Maddy asked. “I hope you don’t kiss anyone with that fucking sewer mouth, you cunt. Guzzling spunk’s what you do, huh? Stick around here and we’ll keep your face nice and filthy for you, damn straight…” Maddy grunted and hunched forward. Ling swayed beneath her. The little teenager had both of Maddy’s nuts in her mouth, groaning and rubbing the front of her skirt furiously as she swirled her tongue around the big, sweaty lumps. “Fuck!” Maddy gasped. She felt her balls clench; gripped Ling’s hair tight and pulled the schoolgirl’s head back. Maddy’s balls popped free with a disgusting slurping sound. Jerking furiously on her shaft, Maddy aimed the bulbous prickhead down toward Ling’s face. The schoolgirl’s mouth gaped open, wide and dark, her face flushed bright red as she panted for breath. Maddy groaned and breathed in the smell of her own wet balls rising from the little cocksucker’s mouth.

With a huge grunt, Maddy exploded all over Ling’s face. She pumped her cock up and down as ropes of spunk flew from it to splatter against Ling’s dainty features. A big wad of sperm splashed one tan cheek; another spurted up the side of Ling’s nose and dripped down into her open mouth. Stray spurts shot past the open lips and puddled inside Ling’s mouth, and Ling swallowed with obvious relish, gulping the sticky splooge the moment it hit the back of her throat. Maddy went on jerking herself, making sure to spatter Ling with every last drop of her load, waiting until her cock was drained completely dry before abruptly shoving her prick back into the schoolgirl’s gaping mouth. Grinning, Maddy plowed balls-deep, ignoring Ling’s choked grunt as the fat prickhead shoved past her mouth and into her throat. The teenager’s dirtied face ground against Maddy, smearing her pubes with fresh jizz.

“Ahh, you dirty little fucker,” Mday groaned, rutting back and forth inside the tight tunnel of Ling’s throat. She pumped her cock in and out like a plunger, listening with delight to the glottal, gurgling sounds of Ling’s cum-filled throat trying to cope. “You little teenie bitch, strutting in here all slutted up and sucking my filthy cock. You still want the job, you fucking slut? This the kind of work you want?” She yanked her cock free and slapped Ling with it, leaving a big wet smear in the ropes of sticky cum. Ling gagged, choking for a moment from the force of Maddy’s withdrawal, but she bobbed her head frantically as she coughed, wide-eyed and groaning. Her skirt was wadded up against her crotch with one hand, and Maddy could see a flash of dark pubes under the plaid—the slut wasn’t even wearing panties.

“Oh fuck yes!” Ling choked. Her voice was thick and wet, and her breath stank of ball sweat. “That was so fucking hot! Gimme the job. I’ll be your filthy jizz rag if you want. I’ll never get off my knees the whole time I’m here. Just go on fucking me like that, Jesus! I fucking love dickgirl cock!” She lifted the front of her skirt, showing Maddy a little strip of black bush above a dark brown pussy, and started frigging herself, two fingers rubbing furiously at her clit. Maddy laughed as she watched the girl rub one out, covered in cum, those slender little knees spread wide on the bar mat.

“All right, you slut,” Maddy said, holding up a finger. “Rule number one.” She leaned over and dragged a finger through a thick jizz stain on Ling’s cheek, then popped it into the schoolgirl’s mouth and held it there while eager lips sucked it clean. “You never wipe your face,” Maddy said firmly. “Not ever. You wear our spunk with pride while you’re here. If thirty dickgirl biker bitches come in and bukkake your little Asian face, I want to see a smile underneath that curtain of spunk, got it?” She popped her finger free, and Ling nodded breathlessly.

Maddy held up a second finger. “Rule number two,” she said. “This is your new bar rag.” She reached down and gave a tug on Ling’s blouse, popping another button free and exposing most of Ling’s tiny titties in the process. “You need to wipe something up, some beer, some jizz, some piss, whatever? You use your shirt. And no fucking bras! My customers want to see some tits.” Maddy began pulling her pants back up, giving her cock a last wipe on the side of Ling’s face before tucking it away. “And rule number three,” she said, “no fucking hourly rates or any of that whore shit. You’ll take whatever tips they throw at your filthy body and like it. I ain’t running a brothel, and it ain’t my customer’s fault you’re a slut. You give it up for dickgirl cocks, that’s your choice—me, I’d have a little fucking pride. But I guess you don’t care about that.” Maddy reached into the tip jar and pulled out a crumpled fiver. She tossed it carelessly onto the floor in front of Ling. “There’s five bucks,” she said. “Go get an ice cream or something. I’ll see you back here at 4:00 for opening—or not, if you can’t handle it.” She smirked. “And get on the pill, if you’re not! I don’t want you getting knocked up and coming after my customers for child support, or any of that shit.”

Turning back to the bar, Maddy resumed washing the glasses she’d been working on when Ling came sneaking in. The big bartender chuckled contentedly. She could feel spit and spunk soaking into her jeans, adding to the musky crotch-reek already gathered there. “I’d tell you to use a condom,” she said, laughing, “if I thought you had any fucking self-control, but you just sucked my cock for a filthy job, so I’d go with the slut pills if I were you.”

Maddy watched out of the corner of her eye as the little Asian climbed unsteadily to her feet. Her skirt was rumpled, with a wide wet spot where it had ground against her pussy, and her face was glazed with dripping trails of Maddy’s spunk. Maddy grinned. You never knew with these teen sluts, but she’d seen that slightly stunned, breathless, horny expression before. This one would be back promptly at 4:00. Maddy’s cock twitched at the thought. Suddenly, it was looking like a much more interesting Friday night than she’d been expecting…

The End…For Now!

Preview – “Dickgirl Cheerleaders”

by A. Vivian Vane

If you liked “Barebacked Barback,” you’ll definitely love the “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” series! Start with Dickgirl Cheerleaders #1, now available from all major e-book retailers for just 99 cents, and previewed for your enjoyment below!


“I’m just as bad as the rest of them,” Tess explained, still stroking her shaft. “I gotta get my nuts off before they swell so bad I can’t think straight, much less do tricks on the field. But I don’t gotta make a big deal out of it, you know?”

Tess shifted on the bench and spread her legs wider. Her balls bounced, bobbing up and down in time to her fist’s steady strokes. “Why don’t you go ahead and towel me down?” she offered. “That way we’re both taking care of our jobs at the same time.”

Amanda felt her jaw hanging again. The cheerleader couldn’t mean…?

But she clearly did, and Tess reinforced the polite request with an arched, what-are-you-waiting-for kind of eyebrow. The big dickgirl nodded at her swaying balls.

“It’s easer if you kneel,” she instructed in a tone that brooked no nonsense. “Just get down on the floor in front of me and give my balls a rub. I’ll be done soon.”

Mechanically, Amanda folded to her knees. She couldn’t believe anything about the scene was normal—but Tess seemed so matter-of-fact about it. And everyone knew that dickgirls were casual about, well, everything. Nudity, sex, multiple partners…you did hear stories. Getting her nuts toweled off was probably so mundane to Tess that she never even thought twice about it.

Amanda swallowed hard and cupped a soft, fresh towel in her hands. She held it up beneath the swaying balls. Tess groaned appreciatively as her bulging sac settled onto the warm terrycloth.

“Unf, that’s good,” she said approvingly. Her hand moved faster on her shaft, jerking up and down rapidly. The monster had grown to nearly a foot in length, thicker around than three of Amanda’s fingers put together. Tess tugged the foreskin down with her free hand, and the bulbous glans gleamed in the purplish tube lights.

Up close, Amanda could smell sweat and the overpowering reek of the big woman’s private parts, a dizzying mix of masculine and feminine odors. She could feel wetness seeping into the towel not just from the slick ballsack, but also from the hidden cuntlips tucked away behind it.

“Oh god, yes,” the head cheerleader moaned. “That’s so good. Cup my balls, Amanda—cup them right up against my body!”

Blushing furiously, Amanda obeyed, her head bent and her eyes fixed on the floor. Her flaming cheek was just an inch away from Tess’s fist as it pumped frantically up and down…


Buy “Dickgirl Cheerleaders #1: Towel Girl” for just $0.99 to start the series today! Or, visit the bookshelf at A. Vivian Vane Talks Dirty to see the full selection of titles from A. Vivian Vane.

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