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Free stories and previews for subscribers to the A. Vivian Vane mailing list and Patreon. Enjoy!

Discipline in the WorkplacePDFWebpage

Robert Lawson isn’t just a junior risk analyst—behind closed doors, he’s also the boss’s Master! She has very special needs, and he provides them very thoroughly in this steamy male dom/female sub BDSM short.

Fertile Forest – PDFWebpage

A voyeuristic young wizard lurks at an interplanar nexus, watching a demonic race of shemales breed with their lust-drunk victims! This was the original “meridi” story—the first appearance of a race of lust demons with both male and female genitalia, who have since shown up in several A. Vivian Vane novels.

Dickgirls Around Town: Barebacked Barback (The Beginning)PDFWebpage

In a town full of horny hermaphrodites, a former schoolgirl pursues her dream job: tending bar for the dickgirls, or at least tending their dicks while they drink at the bar. This was the introduction to the “Dickgirls Around Town” series, an ongoing set of loosely-connected shorts that all take place in the same raunchy, dickgirl-dominated setting.

4 thoughts on “Subscriber Content”

  1. I loved the fertile forest as much as fertile mistress. Both were fun enjoyable reads. Will you be doing any more in this series 👏👏👏👏😊

  2. Thank you for the great free reads.💜

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