Free Erotica Ebooks for Advance Reviewers


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How would you like to read all my new releases and upcoming titles completely for free?

If that caught your interest, good news — I’m currently adding to my list of Advance Reviewers.

Advance Reviewers receive upcoming A. Vivian Vane titles in advance, completely free, in exchange for posting their honest reviews on I don’t open the program up for new members often, but right now I have room to add at least 2-3 new names to the very exclusive list!

The Advance Reviewer Program

Here’s how this works:

1. Roughly 1-2 weeks before public release of a new A. Vivian Vane title, Advance Reviewers receive a link to a complete PDF of the ebook. The stories are completed and edited by this point; the PDF will be the same document that paid purchasers receive when the book goes live.

2. Included in the email with the ebook will be a link to the Amazon item page.

3. In exchange for their free copy, Advance Reviewers are asked to post a succinct, positive review of the book on its Amazon page. (In some cases the book may still be in pre-order, meaning reviews cannot be posted; I will include the release date in the email so reviewers know when they can post reviews.)

Reviews need not be five-star, although it’s always appreciated. (The way the Amazon system is weighted, anything less than four stars hurts the title more than it helps, so please reserve those ratings for books that you thought were incomplete or full of errors, rather than just not quite to your taste.)

Reviewers should never feel pressured to praise a book they didn’t enjoy, but this is at heart a promotional program. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it! I will remove reviewers from the program if they are regularly posting negative or unflattering feedback.

Reviewers will continue to receive advance titles for free so long as they continue to post useful, positive reviews. Reviewers who skip reviewing multiple titles in a row will be removed from the list.

How to Become an Advance Reviewer

I currently have openings for 2-3 new reviewers, although if there’s strong interest I may go as high as 4-5. If you’d like to sign up, email me at, subject heading “Advance Reviewer,” and include in the body of your email:

  • the email address at which you wish to receive your advance copies and notifications
  • the Amazon account name with which you will be posting reviews (so that I can verify reviews have been posted)
  • any “hard no” kinks or gender pairings that you cannot comfortably read about or comment on (if there are a lot of these, I probably can’t use you — my books are quite wide-ranging!)

If you’re selected, I will reply to let you know that you’ve been added to the Advance Reviewer list. You’ll begin receiving preview copies within the next week or two!

If you enjoy my works, this is your chance to get them completely for free, every single title, so don’t hesitate — email me at to become an Advance Reviewer today!

New Futa Erotica – Preorder “Serving the Savages” & Save!


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Fans of futanari (those extra-endowed shemale fantasies that we all know are impossible, and yet oh-so-delectable as well) clearly enjoyed the first Futa Island installment, sending it straight to the top of my sales chart for a solid month.

Futa2Now the wait is over for the sizzling second installment, with 100% more shemale fuckmeat slapped in, around, and on top of yielding female flesh!

Futa Island: Serving the Savages is a raunchy fuck-fest even by my standards, following the captive Aela Goldenbough as she adjusts to life with the Futai Tribe. Every time she thinks she’s found a way to make her captivity work in her favor, it seems like there’s a new, muscular shemale there to slap her down…or two at once, bending and spreading her over the tribe’s cum-splattered “sharing rock!”

If you like oversized dicks in dainty holes, captivity narratives gone oh-so-wrong, or just jungle adventures in the finest pulp traditions, Futa Island: Serving the Savages is the new A. Vivian Vane release for you.

Preorder it on Amazon for an April 15 delivery and you’ll save 25% — just in time for tax day, at least for American readers!

Ugh, that wasn’t a very sexy note to end on, was it? Sorry!

“Club Patriarchy,” New BDSM Series, Starts Here!


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Club Patriarchy Entrance ExamReaders rejoice: it’s time for a brand-new series from A. Vivian Vane, this one focused on extreme BDSM between consenting adults!

Hidden in an upscale penthouse, Club Patriarchy is “a place where men can be men, and women can be slaves”…and it turns out a surprising number of women are into exactly that! Entrance Exam, the first installment in the series, follows the erotic efforts of a husband-and-wife team to gain access to the space, where they can live out their deepest and most forbidden fantasies.

The “Club Patriarchy” series will explore themes of extreme submission, including exaggerated “traditional gender roles.” If you’ve been harboring secret housewife or Madonna/whore fantasies, this is the fantasy for you!

Club Patriarchy: Entrance Exam is available on Amazon for $3.99. Pick up a copy and start stroking!

Back from Vacay: The Updates and Upcomings


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pinup-girl-floridaA lovely two weeks in the Sunshine State having been had (I’m so relaxed even my voice is still passive, HEYO!), your friendly smut-peddler is back in the Frozen North, typing away as fast as possible to keep the blood flowing to the fingers.

It’s easily my second-favorite way to exercise them, if you know what I mean. (Knitting. I’m getting big into knitting.)

(Not actually.)

So, what’s coming next for you dirty readers?

Club Patriarchy

ClubI’d hoped to have this one out before vacation, but it just didn’t happen. Good news is, I thought up and added a whole new scene in between beach breaks, so it’ll be even filthier, longer, and more satisfying than planned.

If you like willing submission, kinky roleplay involving those “traditional gender roles” in all their creepy/erotic glory, and group sex with people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, you should be excited for this one. Sign up for the mailing list (and be sure to whitelist my address, to get the release announcement and special pre-order prices!

Open Commissions

I’ve had a full plate of commissions lately, but I’m finally clearing the bulk of them out. I’ll be willing to consider at least one or two new projects starting in April. If you’ve been hoping to snag my writing skills for a personal project, the first couple weeks in April would be a great time to drop me a line!

I won’t be able to take on every projects, and I will be giving at least some preference to commissions sans dickgirl/futa characters. The publishing schedule is already full of those!

Darknest Fantasy Erotica

For those that weren’t already aware, I currently moderate the Story Board at a lovely website devoted to fantasy erotica and related materials, Darknest Fantasy Erotica.

You may have already encountered some of the other writers from our community — we published an anthology of erotic shorts a little while back — and there are more joining every day!

Whether you’re a reader or a writer or both, I strongly encourage you to sign up (it’s free) and spend a while browsing the forums. Good friends, good smut, and a good audience for anything you choose to make public — what more could you ask for?

And yes, I do post freebies there from time to time, if that’s additional motivation. Stop on by!

Now if you’ll excuse me, this looks like an awful lot to take care of in the next few weeks as I look back over it…I’d better get back to writing!


“Dickgirls Around Town: Trailer Park Tag Team” Live on Amazon!


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It’s here, it’s queer, it’s time to cheer: the newest Dickgirls Around Town installment is live on Amazon, and it’s a hot one.

DGaround4Join the same rowdy, randy bunch of teenagers readers met in Trailer Trash, this time with a traveling hitchhiker in the back of their pickup truck and all too ready to be talked into poor personal choices.

But wait, as they say, there’s more. “Trailer Park Tag Team” also introduces us to the staff of the Shady Homes, and to the perspective of a healthy young male in a town dominated by dickgirls. Half the gangbang is seen through the eyes of James Kedzie, problem-solver and all around handyman for the Shady Homes owner (a Rubenesque dickgirl whose lustful attentions towards James’s own mother have not gone unnoticed).

All in all, it’s quite a romp through a world inhabited by horny, well-hung shemales, and if that’s your kind of fantasy, “Trailer Park Tag Team” will make for happy reading. Order it on Amazon now!

New “Dickgirls Around Town” Available for Preorder!


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Do you like dickgirls?

Do you like reading about their doings…around town?

DGaround4The fictional town of Mortonville, that is, home to the “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” and “Dickgirls Around Town” series of smutty shorts! If you’re a fan, good news: the next installment is coming your way on March 4, and you can preorder it on Amazon right now.

“Trailer Park Tag Team” takes the Mortonville dickgirls to a place we’ve seen before: the Shade Tree Trailer Homes, better known to the town as Shady Homes.

In this installment, a gang of five teenaged dickgirls (all above the age of 18, natch!) invite a hitchhiker into the back of their pickup truck for a lift…and a little fun. A little fun turns into a lot of fun, and a lot of fun turns into a lot of dicks, all hot and sweaty on a summer’s day in fine futanari style.

But wait, as they say, there’s more. “Trailer Park Tag Team” also introduces us to the staff of the Shady Homes, and to the perspective of a healthy young male in a town dominated by dickgirls. Half the gangbang is seen through the eyes of James Kedzie, problem-solver and all around handyman for the Shady Homes owner (a Rubenesque dickgirl whose lustful attentions towards James’s own mother have not gone unnoticed).

All in all, it’s quite a romp through a world inhabited by horny, well-hung shemales, and if that’s your kind of fantasy, “Trailer Park Tag Team” will make for happy reading. Order it on Amazon right now for delivery March 4!

“Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe” Available on All Major Ebook Platforms


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I’ve mentioned before that Amazon is something of the 800-pound gorilla in the self-publishing room, and that mighty market muscle is why Amazon gets first dibs on my pre-releases.

(Want to get notification of those pre-releases and the savings they bring? Sign up for the mailing list, and for the love of smut be sure to whitelist my sending address as well!)

Futa-Island-200x300But the wait time is over, and Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe is now available across all the major non-Amazon platform as well, meaning that those of you with technological or ideological aversions to Amazon can enjoy guilt-and-hassle-free.

Pick it up on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, or Inktera all for the same $3.99 cover price, and enjoy the latest word in she-cocked futa depravity!

Whatever your platform, it’s the same delicious, decadent, 30-plus-page read of sweaty sack-swingin’ amazons with pendulous penis parts and other such sexy alliterations, all set in a lush jungle world guaranteed to make your most exotic fantasies feel a sun-warmed breath away. Grab a copy today and start stroking! Er, reading. I mean reading…

Erotica Newsletters Desperately Need You to Whitelist Them


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Let’s get technical for a minute here, erotica fans.

Many authors and publishers use email newsletters to offer readers special deals, release announcements, and similar publishing news. I have one myself; it’s pretty great and you should sign up for it if you haven’t already.

But here’s the catch: most of those newsletters won’t make it through the spam filter at most major email providers.

spam-filterGmail is especially awful for erotica authors. The going assumption seems to be that anything with a scandalous word like “sex” or “ladies” or even “sale” (much less, god help you, “shemale” or “transsexual”) is 1990s-style virus-laden spam.

There are no exceptions, carve-outs, or “look I’m a real person selling real products that real people really want” hoops that the senders can jump through. That leaves erotica authors with three basic strategies for getting their newsletters through to the people that actually want to receive them:

  • Adopt the same keyword-dodging tactics as actual spammers by breaking “suspicious” words up: “S*E*X*Y* New Title from A. Vivian Vane etc.
  • Water down descriptions and link names to the point that they don’t elicit any excitement from security bots (and, likely readers): “Great New Book About The Things You Guys Like To Read About, You Know What I Mean, Wink Wink” etc.
  • Beg often and repeatedly for users to “whitelist” the sending address, telling their email client specifically to stop shuffling newsletters into the Spam folder.

The last is the hardest and generally least effective, since it relies on other people to take action. But I’ll put the plea out there anyway: if you’re on an erotica-related mailing list, and it’s been a while since you heard from the author/publisher, check your spam folder. Odds are you’ll find plenty of buried treasure.

And while you’re at it, whitelist the sender’s email address so you never have to go digging through the Spam folder again. It takes a couple of clicks and yes, it’s stupid that they make it as hard as they do.

But for reals, listen ye to an erotica author’s plea: whitelist us. Please. We’re never gonna make it through to you 100% of the time (or even more than 0% of the time, all too often) if you don’t.

Because emails that use naughty grown-up words like “sex” are scary, don’tcha know?

Last Chance to Grab “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” Series from Non-Amazon Sources


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the-eighth-wonder-posterLet me let you in on a dirty secret, loyal readers: “indie” authors are not nearly as independent as the name suggests.

There is one massive, 800-pound gorilla in the room when you talk about selling ebooks (or books, for that matter) without a traditional publisher, and that gorilla is named Amazon.

A lot of special offers and publishing deals that we as authors pass on to you as readers — preorders, temporary sales/discounts and other promotions, bundles, etc. — are only available for works sold exclusively on Amazon. Put your ebook up on Smashwords, say, or Kobo, and the mechanics for those promotions become fenced off.

I try to keep my work spread as widely as possible (and you know I love to spread nice and wide, hur hur hur), but from time to time I absolutely have to make a title or a series temporarily available on Amazon only.

That time is now for the Dickgirl Cheerleaders series, my first and still most popular futa erotica saga. Starting in March, those titles will be available on Amazon only.

What does that mean for you, the loyal reader? If you already own the ebooks, nothing! Continue to enjoy them at your leisure.

If you’ve never read the Dickgirl Cheerleader books before, however, and you’d like to (and trust me, you’d like to), and you don’t want to support Amazon for whatever reason — then it’s time to stock up from one of my other markets.

Currently, all twelve volumes are available on Smashwords and Barnes & Nobles. They’ll stay that way until around March 1, at which point the series will only be available through Amazon.

It’s not how I’d prefer to do it. But for the time being it’s how it’ll have to be, so if you want to support Amazon alternatives, go ahead and stock up on those dickgirl stories from another vendor now!

“Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe” Available for Preorder


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Coming Soon to a Jungle Island Near You…

Futa-IslandAvast, adventurers! Depravity and debauchery await you in the latest A. Vivian Vane swashbuckler — a deviant tale of forbidden desires deep in a sweltering jungle wilderness.

“Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe” starts a brand-new futanari (dickgirl, shemale, etc.) series dominated by a tribe of dickgirls in every shape and size. Some have the “parts” of both men and women, while others boast only one ridiculously oversized member…or in some cases, even more than one!

It’s a surprise under every loincloth, and in this first standalone adventure, there’s only one waifish, elfin damsel to satisfy each and every one of them.

If you like seeing beautiful heroines taken forcefully by shemale cocks (and I know a great many of you do), “Taken by the Tribe” is a must-not-miss. Preorder it on Amazon before February 19th to save a buck off the final cover price!

Read on below for a free preview of “Taken by the Tribe,” as our damsel in distress encounters her first oversized futa prick…

Continue reading