What She Wants


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One man could never be enough…and so Meredith had to have two!

Housewife by day and deviant by night, Meredith is a woman with needs – needs that must be satisfied in cheap motels and shameful, savage scenes of lust and humiliation. Aided and abetted by her husband, she seeks relief in the arms of strangers who want only one thing: to use her body in the darkest and most shameful ways imaginable.

“What She Wants” is a sweet and sultry celebration of female sexuality. It follows Meredith from her bondage-tinged assignation with a nameless stranger in a motel room back to the arms of her loving husband – who, though his desires can never match hers in scale or scope, still plays his part in Meredith’s wild bedroom life.

This is a story intended for adults only, about consenting adults in a sexual relationship. Buy it now to follow Meredith as she gets exactly what she needs in two distinct and delicious encounters: one savage and sweaty, one tender and loving, and both utterly and intensely sensuous!