The Strange Habits of Desert Centaurs


Available on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $3.99.

The best research is always hands on, and no one does better research than the tiny Dr. Mellifloria Madilla, Chairgnome of Demianthropology! But when Mellifloria picks the wild centaur tribes of the desert for her latest study, things get a little too up close and personal for her tastes very quickly…

Mellifloria Madilla is Baraz-Kesh Technical College’s star researcher. Shera Tijele is a wild centaur who just wants to be left alone. But when the two collide, Mellifloria quickly learns that there’s more to being a centaur bachelorette than hiding in a cave in the desert.

As the days heat up and the water supply gets low, the two women find lots of other ways to keep themselves wet — but will they realize that they have more in common than they thought? Or will it take the intervention of the wild stallions to make the women appreciate one another’s delicate charms?

One thing’s for certain — whatever happens, Dr. Mellifloria Madilla will be sure to add it to her latest monograph, ‘The Strange Habits of Desert Centaurs.’

Contains exotic fantasy themes, size differences, enthusiastic sapphic performances, and much, much more!

Click here for a preview of The Strange Habits of Desert Centaurs.

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