The Pants Around Here


Available on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $3.99.

The right lingerie can be positively bewitching…much to the dismay of Magnolia Pendergaste, the most popular girl at the Kyteler Academy for Young Witches, who finds herself under the spell of the class lesbian when a panty-theft goes awry!

Almost all the girls at the Kyteler Academy for Young Witches are ‘highblooded’ — descendants of the rich and powerful Fifty Families.

Plain-faced, humbly-born, and rumored to be a lesbian, Rebecca Lane is the exception that proves the rule. But when the most popular girl in the freshman class gets caught stealing from Becca’s panty drawer, the tables are turned, and high-blooded becomes extremely low-minded.

Witchcraft, panties, and more than a little schoolgirl lust abound in this first installment of the Kyteler Academy Girls series…

Click here for a preview of The Pants Around Here.

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