Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe


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A shipwreck…a jungle island…a beautiful traveler left alone and helpless!

It’s the beginning of a classic adventure story, but adventure takes a nosedive into raw, raunchy lust when the elfin Aela Goldenbough is rescued by a well-endowed Amazon packing more than the usual parts beneath her loincloth.

Interested in neither Aela’s brains nor her beauty so much as in the pleasure she can offer, the muscular Sorsha is only the first of a wild futa tribe to claim the shipwrecked woman as her prize. Soon, Aela finds herself in the camp of the Futai, surrounded by women who are more than women and faced with one choice: to serve, and survive, or to refuse their lustful attentions and brave the jungle alone!

“Taken by the Tribe” is a work of adult fiction that includes shemale, futa, futanari, etc. fantasy characters. Readers must be at least 18 years of age.