Space Station of the Sluts



Available on SmashwordsAmazonBarnes & Nobles, and eXcitica for $3.99.

On a lonely space station at the far end of the solar system, it’s one man versus four dozen women in the messiest corporate takeover ever! As the station spins out of control and the temperature rises, no one knows who’ll end up on top — but the ones on the bottom aren’t complaining too much.

Saturn VI was a nothing-and-nowhere station at the far end of the solar system when a hurtling meteorite punctured the hull. Now, with a male tech from the greedy interstellar Consortium dropped among the all-female crew, Station Chief Megan Xio finds herself fighting not just for control of her station, but for control of her hormones as well.

High-tech meets high-temperature in this sexy, toy-filled romp through the galaxy. Chief Xio and her buxom medtech Zanthia come together in an explosive mixture with the handsome Lavern Shaylan as something strange and enticing spreads through the station’s air supply. 

Both wit and charm — and no small helping of raw sexual need — will come into play before the struggle has decided whether or not Saturn VI will become…The Space Station of the Sluts!

Click here for a preview of Space Station of the Sluts.

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