Servants of the Satyrs


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Medrii thought she’d laid a clever trap…but the strongest snare of all proved to be her desire!

In the bowels of the Deepwood lurk the satyrs: lusty goat-men who prey on fairer females for sport. A warrior from a distant elven tribe with an eye for high-paying bounties, Medrii figures she’s just the girl to help the local wood elves deal with their problem. She even enlists the aid of one of the natives, a blue-haired woman named Telandya.

It’s a quick in and out job. But when the darkly handsome satyr lord makes his counteroffer — and parts his powerful thighs to show Medrii just what she’s been missing out on all these years — the task at hand becomes a very different one. Will Medrii still give it all she’s got? Will her lust for gold overcome the perverse, dark magic of the satyr tribe? Or will she and her companion become, smiling all the way, SERVANTS OF THE SATYRS?

“Servants of the Satyrs” is a work of fantasy erotica intended for adults only. It includes themes of seduction, enchantment, pregnancy, impregnation, and breeding, and features demihuman or “feral” characters.