Lights, Camera, Masochism


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Adult film director Marina Kuznetsova is hard as nails off the silver screen…but loves to get nailed hard on it!

The successful owner of the infamous Studio Blu, Marina treats her stars better than any other director in the rapacious adult industry. It suits her values, and helps her keep some of the best talent in the business besides.

But Marina has needs of her own — needs that can only be met by stepping up to star in the darkest and most violent titles her studio puts out. There the director can let her masochistic tendencies run wild, secure in the knowledge that her many well-endowed male costars will give her all the punishment she craves, and maybe a little more on top!

“Lights, Camera, Masochism” is a work of erotic fiction intended for adult audiences. It contains descriptions of heavy BDSM scenes, including flogging, whipping, wax torture, suspension, and other explicit activities.