Fertile Mistresses


Available on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $3.99.

When two demonic shemales meet, the only question is who will be the breeder…and who will be bred! 

Worlds collide at the Cum-At-Yer-Own-Risk tavern — literally. Situated at the nexus of multiple mystic planes, the ramshackle inn has become a gathering place for horny lust-demons and the women that adore them. 

Well-hung and curvaceous, Azzria rules her harem of pregnant breeder-bitches with a velvet fist. She loves them and they love her, whether they want to or not. But when a fellow demoness takes an interest in the fertile wombs of the “ol’ Cummer” tavern, will Azzria be forced to fight for her position? Or can she and this new rival come to a more…mutually beneficial…compromise? 

“Fertile Mistresses” is a novella-length erotic ebook containing depictions of fantasy creatures, futa and shemale characters, pregnancy and impregnation, and intensely hormonal dom/sub relationships. Pick it up today to see demon shemales as you’ve never seen them before!

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