Dickgirls Around Town: Trailer Trash


Available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble for $2.99

“When the trailer starts a-rocking, it’s ’cause someone loves the cocking!”

Amber McPhee was just your average small-town trailer park workingwoman: single, bored, lonely, and more than a little horny; trying her best to look out for her stepdaughter Mary-Anne in a town with more than its fair share of male-endowed, female-bodied “dickgirl” futanari.

But when Mary-Anne’s futa friends start coming by, fresh out of high school and eager to flaunt their imposing private parts, Amber quickly finds herself pregnant with dickgirl babies and addicted to their raw, shameless sexuality. As their lustful attentions turn toward Mary-Anne, Amber finds herself faced with an impossible choice: deny her beloved baby-breeders, or watch the promising young girl that she raised from childhood descend into mindless depravity right alongside her?


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