Dickgirls Around Town: A Room for Four

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Sharing is caring…and Ellen’s well-hung coworkers have a lot to share with her and her hot young lover!

It’s a big night in a little hotel for Ellen, Mortonville native and secret, shameful addict to the emphatically masculine endowments of her otherwise feminine colleagues. With confession on the agenda, she sets a scene that will not only introduce her lesbian girlfriend to the concept of dickgirl sex…it will, Ellen hopes, convert her forever.

“Dickgirls Around Town: A Room for Four” is a raunchy menage-a-quatre (that’s French for four, you know) with two fully female lovers and two improbably endowed “dickgirl” hermaphrodites. Full of panty-sniffing, crotch-licking, and very dirty scent play, this is one for all those readers who like their ladies dominant, well-hung, and more than a little nasty.

This work is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in sexual situations are over the age of 18 and not related by blood.