Dickgirl Cheerleaders #8: Dicked by the Dean


Available on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $2.99.

Once you admit you’re a slut for horny dickgirls, there’s nowhere to go but up — or down! 

Brought before the Dean of Students, Amanda doesn’t look anything like the mousy co-ed she started as. At the urging of the dickgirl cheerleading squad, she’s learned to flaunt her tiny skirts and tight tops — and a face covered in smeared makeup and drying spunk. 

That’s enough to get any girl in trouble, if she can be held accountable for her own actions. Luckily, Amanda has a last chance to save her academic career: prove to the well-hung dean that she’s the helpless victim of hormonal lusts, unable to say “no” to any dickgirl that wants her. 

And the dean has a good idea of just how Amanda can prove that… 

This fantastic new installment of the “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” series contains explicit descriptions of female on futa (futanari, shemale, etc.) sex, unprotected sex, condom play, pregnancy risk, and more. Read at your own risk!

Click here for a free preview of Dickgirl Cheerleaders #8: Dicked by the Dean!

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