Dickgirl Cheerleaders #7: Fourth Floor Bathroom


Available on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $2.99.

On an upper floor of the Math/Science building, there’s a bathroom nobody uses…nobody, that is, except the dickgirl cheerleaders of Hamnin College, and the horny sluts that love to service them!

Amanda is the cheerleading squad’s towel girl. The cheerleading squad prefers their girls adventurous, and they’ve been working hard to make Amanda fit the mold. Now, as she descends into a world of hedonistic sex, Amanda finds herself taking the initiative, inviting a cheerleader friend to an unoccupied bathroom for some fun between classes! But when her friend invites a well-hung stranger along to join them, things start to get out of Amanda’s control…and to her embarrassment, she discovers that she likes it that way.

Contains adult material, including scenes of futa/dickgirl/shemale on female sex, unprotected sex and risk of pregnancy, cum play, and more! 

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