Club Patriarchy: Entrance Exam

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There’s a secret spot where men can be men…and women can be slaves!

That’s the dream of Club Patriarchy, an ultra-exclusive bondage club specializing in female submission. Within its walls, women’s liberation never happened. Wives are obedient and demure. Unattached women are common property, available to any man that wants them. And no one dares object when she or anyone else is “put to use,” because that’s what women are for.

Mariah and Richard have been stretching their BDSM boundaries for years, training her submission and his dominance both in the bedroom and out. Both have come to love their chosen roles. But are they ready for the extreme world of Club Patriarchy?

Only one thing will tell: Mariah’s entrance exam at the hands of the club’s stern owner and his obedient wife!

“Club Patriarchy” is an erotic novella focusing on themes of dominance/submission and traditional gender roles. It is intended for adults only.