Blue Blood Babies


Available on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $2.99.

When your lover is a lust demon, you’d think the sex would at least be good. But Sheram Whitebough, wood elf priestess and secret size queen, can’t get the satisfaction she needs from her demonic girlfriend. So she does the only rational thing: she sets out to find herself a well-hung she-stud to knock her up proper!

The demonic meridi of “Fertile Mistresses” return in this sizzling stand-alone adventure, and they’re more depraved than ever. From the forest floor to the wedding chapel, swaggering shemales and the girls that love them seem determined to turn every elven glade into a mad orgy of irresponsible reproduction!

“Blue Blood Babies” is a work of erotic fantasy featuring futa/shemale characters and focused on cuckolding, humiliation, and impregnation.


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