Battle Babes: Urban MMA Erotica


Available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $2.99. 

Enter a dark and dangerous world where the thrill of blood sports meets the seedy underbelly of the sex industry!

Life in the ring can be brutal, but it’s better than walking the streets – or at least, that’s how the girls of the Clubb D-Luxe see it. Stripped down and oiled up, they fight in little more than gloves and spandex straps for a cheering crowd of pimps, thugs, drug dealers, and johns. To the winner go the spoils…and to the horny crowd goes the loser, her body theirs to use as they please.

It’s a cruel, nasty existence. For a girl with a need to feed, though, it’s the best of a batch of bad options, and Chalise has made a pretty good run in the ring. Things only turn sour when her pimp, Papa Magnet, decides to rent her out to a rich john even after a she brings home a big win – and then it’s up to Chalise to either find a way out, or else find some way to enjoy her wretched role in life…

“Battle Babes” is a work of dark erotic fiction that blends Mixed Martial Arts ring fighting with down-and-dirty, no-holds-barred sex. It contains themes of rough sex, drug use, prostitution, interracial sex, and a grim, gritty, urban environment that is definitely intended for adults only!

(NOTE: This title has been “adult filtered” on Amazon, meaning that people will not find it with normal searches. You will need the direct link. This is a frustrating thing that Amazon does very unpredictably and without any particular rhyme or reason, and it has a significant effect on book sales. If you’re interested in helping to counteract their “soft censorship,” please take a minute to leave a review after buying the book! More stars, comments, and purchases will help push the title back up in search results. The less they can ignore or discourage “hard” and “dark” erotica, the more willing authors will be to write it.)

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