My Books

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Non-Series Books

   Satyrwhite LightsCameraMasochism what-she-wants battlebabes Remedial-Programming Princess-Serena slutblue hot-wife-small noblewoman blue-blood succubae serpent fertile-mistresses-small transformed Pants-Around-Here the-strange-habits-of-desert-centaurs-thumb space-station-of-the-sluts-cover-thumb

Dickgirls Around Town (Futa/Shemale Erotica – New Releases Upcoming!)

DGAround DGAround2 DGATBoutique   

Futa Island (Futa/Shemale Adventure Erotica – Completed Series)


Dickgirl Cheerleaders (Futa/Shemale Erotica – Completed Series)

dickgirl-cheerleaders-1 cheerleaders2 cheerleaders3 cheerleaders4alt cheerleaders5 dgc6small cheerleaders7 cheerleaders8 cheerleaders9 cheerleaders10 cheerleaders11 cheerleaders12

15 thoughts on “My Books”

  1. Im just curious and anxious when Cheerleader Dickgirl #12 will comeout. I just can’t wait till the last installment shows how the series will end. Please let us know when you plan to release it since you did say at the end of #11 that it due to be released on September.

    An avid fan.

  2. Is it possible to make bundles of the completed series (like Futa Island etc.)?

    • Possibly some day! I’ll have to do some re-formatting and get new covers made, so it’s a project for when I have time for more projects, which isn’t now. But I’m not opposed in principle, just already a little overextended.

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