The moment at least some of you have all been waiting for — it’s commission season!


As of March 2019, I am open for up to three commission slots.

Price categories are described below; a one-off is a single commission slot, a standard story two, and a major novel or collection three.

If you are interested in a commission this month, please email me at with the following details:

  • The size of your commission request (one-off, standard story, or major novel/collection)
  • Short summary of the characters, plot points, and kinks you want to see in your commission.

If I’m interested in accepting your commission, we’ll go into a more detailed back-and-forth, so don’t feel like you have to be incredibly specific in your summary — this is just a basic synopsis so I can decide whether it’s a request I can fulfill.

You will receive a reply from me whether your commission is accepted or not.


For the first time, I am moving away from by-the-word pricing (more below on why). Commissions will be available at three different flat rates:

  • $150 – One-Offs: Single scene shorties. These will be wham, bam, thank-you-ma’am stories that introduce a couple characters and a setting, get down to the dirty details, and wrap up nice and quick. Examples from my past work would be things like the Discipline in the Workplace short, the Dickgirls Around Town standalones, and most of the monthly Patreon shorts. Length will typically range from 5-10,000 words.
  • $500 – Standard Stories: Complete stories with narrative arcs and at least something resembling character development. The bulk of my catalog falls into this category, so if you’ve ever read one of my standalone ebooks, you know roughly what to expect! Length will vary, but generally fall between 10-25,000 words.
  • $1500 – Novels, Collections, Etc.: Major works involving multiple story arcs, larger casts of characters, and extensive details beyond the basic fuck-scenes. For examples from my catalog, think things like Dickgirl Cheerleaders, Futa Island, and Fallen From Grace. Length will typically be over 40,000 words.

Particularly large commissions may be subject to individual negotiation — if you’ve got a mega-super-epic or a very large collection of related stories in mind, hit me up and we’ll talk, but be prepared for that to be a special rate.

In all cases, I require 25% down-payment upon accepting the commission, with the remainder due when it is complete, edited, and ready to send.


What will/won’t you write?

In general, I’m happy to tackle most fetishes, gender pairings, etc.

Niche or “extreme” stuff doesn’t particularly bother me (although there are a few things I’ll say no to because they just don’t give me a sexy vibe, and I’m not confident in my ability to make a hot story out of something for which I feel absolutely no sparks).

I would say ask for whatever it is you want, and the worst case scenario is that I’ll tell you it’s not a project I can take on. I am not going to be shocked or offended by requests, regardless of how “extreme.” Believe me, I’ve probably written weirder!

What happened to by-the-word pricing?

I’ve been doing this work for quite a while now, and I can say with the certainty of experience that word count is a stupid metric. It’s a sometimes-useful measure of productivity, and that’s about it.

A really good, well-thought, well-crafted story of 10,000 words is better value for money than 50,000 words that the author slogged through to meet word count. Trust me, I’ve written both!

Flat-rate pricing lets me focus on the specifics of each individual commission request, not on how to fit those requests into a predetermined length.

What keeps you from taking my down payment and running?

Monomaniacal focus and an obsessive fear of failure, mostly, but obviously I also have my reputation as a seller at stake here.

If for some reason I accept a commission and then find that I absolutely can’t complete it, I’ll refund the down payment. But it hasn’t happened yet, and the only times I’ve come close have been when I was struggling to bring an complex story to a conclusion that made sense.

Down-payments are not negotiable, so please don’t ask me to waive yours. They’re my insurance against people who request a commission and then flake on the final payment, and they’re also pretty vital for balancing monthly budgets when a larger commission takes more than a month to complete.

How long do commissions take?

Very loosely speaking, a week or two per slot.

That means 1-2 weeks for a short one-off, 2-4 weeks for a standard story, and 3-6 weeks for a major novel or collection.

Depending on the details of a given commission and how many commissions I’m working on at a time, things could take more or less time. I always give an estimated time of completion for each commission before we process the down payment.

What if my request falls somewhere between the payment categories?

Make the request and I’ll tell you where it falls. But in general, if it’s more complex than a single “plot, what plot?” fuck-scene, we’re at least in Standard Story territory.

Other questions? Email me at