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Now that I have your attention: I’m currently opening up my Advance Reviewer Program to between 3-5 fans who are willing to read, consider, and thoughtfully review A. Vivian Vane stories as they’re released (hur hur hur, “release”). This is an offer I usually make about once a year, so act fast!

Please Note: To participate, you must have an Amazon account from which you are willing to post reviews on erotica, and which has spent at least $50 on Amazon using a valid debit or credit card. Amazon no longer allows accounts that have not spent at least $50 to post customer reviews on ebooks. This is their rule, not mine—basically, they want to make sure it’s a real customer leaving the review and not a sock puppet account.

The Advance Reviewer Program

Here’s how this works:

1. Roughly 1-2 weeks before public release of a new A. Vivian Vane title, Advance Reviewers will be emailed a link to a complete PDF of the ebook. The stories are complete and edited by this point; the PDF will be the same text that paid purchasers receive when the book goes live.

2. Included in the email with the ebook will be a link to the Amazon item page.

3. In exchange for their free copy, Advance Reviewers are asked to post a succinct, positive review of the book on its Amazon page. (In some cases the book may still be in pre-order, meaning reviews cannot be posted; I will include the release date in the email so reviewers know when they can post reviews.)

Reviews need not be five-star, although it’s always appreciated. (The way the Amazon system is weighted, anything less than four stars hurts the title more than it helps, so please don’t rate books under four stars unless they are incomplete, have formatting issues, or are otherwise unreadable!)

Reviewers will continue to receive advance titles for free so long as they continue to post useful, positive reviews. An occasional skipped title is fine, but reviewers who skip reviewing multiple titles in a row will be removed from the list.

How to Become an Advance Reviewer

To sign up for the Advance Reviewer Program, email me at a.vivian.vane@gmail.com, subject heading “Advance Reviewer,” and include in the body of your email:

  • the email address at which you wish to receive your advance copies and notifications
  • the Amazon account name with which you will be posting reviews (so that I can verify reviews have been posted)
  • any “hard no” kinks or gender pairings that you cannot comfortably read about or comment on (if there are a lot of these, I probably can’t use you — my books are quite wide-ranging!)

If you’re selected, I will reply to let you know that you’ve been added to the Advance Reviewer list. You’ll begin receiving preview copies within the next week or two!

If you enjoy my works, this is your chance to get them completely for free, every single title, so don’t hesitate — email me at a.vivian.vane@gmail.com to become an Advance Reviewer today!