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Real talk, fam: size matters. And for all you fans of something big and hot and thick out there…here comes the massive erotic fantasy epic Fallen from Grace, straight from my inbox to yours!

This is an epic tale of Heaven and Hell, and of course, fucking. Angels, demons, corruption, seduction, transformation, pregnancy, betrayal—it’s all in here, and it’s all awesome. You can grab the first installment online right now:

Fallen from Grace: The Priestess — Available Now!

And the rest of the series is available (and discounted) on Amazon preorder. Grab your copies in advance to save on the final cover price! Here they all are:

Fallen from Grace: The Princess
Fallen from Grace: The Angel of Guidance
Fallen from Grace: The Angel of Prophecy
Fallen from Grace: The Highest Holiness

Reviewers are already loving Fallen from Grace: The Priestess, calling it “over 152 pages of lush writing by the ever-fabulous A. Vivian Vane” and “grand-scale adventure.”

This is the biggest single series/work I’ve attempted by far, and it might just be the best as well…so grab your copies today, and hang on for a wild and epic ride!