For those of you who prefer to shop outside the ever-expanding Amazon empire, good news: Seduction Smooth and Shiny, my latex-inspired fantasy fetish frolic, is now available direct from Smashwords, or from other online markets including Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

(If any aspiring smut writers were wondering, I used Direct2Digital for those handy “Books2Read” links. Back when it was just Amazon/Smashwords/B&N it was possible to individually upload a title to each platform, but now there are so many sellers and subscription services that I’d go crazy without a handy little portal to cross-post the works for me.)

You can still read a free preview of Seduction Smooth and Shiny right here on the blog — and as always, I urge everyone to sign up for the mailing list, because there’s a new title coming soon, and you will not want to miss the deal I’ve got for subscribers on that one.

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