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It’s here, it’s here, the first of the year — and the first new A. Vivian Vane title of 2018 to go with it, Seduction Smooth and Shiny!

A true “everything but the kitchen sink” smorgasbord of fetishes, this one pushes all kinds of buttons: fantasy/magic, transformation, latex, goo/slime girl, and some highly metaphysical is-it-or-isn’t-it-incest.

(Spoiler: technically, it isn’t–you can’t be blood relatives if you don’t have any blood! But that doesn’t make it any less naughty…)

You can save 25% by pre-ordering on Amazon, and you’ll get the title delivered hot and steamy (oh so steamy) straight to your e-reading devices on January 15th. After that, it goes up to $3.99, so save by ordering now!

Need a sneak peek to see if it’s for you? Read on below…

Preview: “Seduction Smooth and Shiny”

One of Iris’s hands drifted lower, sliding over a belly covered in taut, clinging black goo towards the cleft of the succubus’s legs. The other rose higher, caressing one big breast on its way to wrap tenderly around the lust demon’s throat. Squeezing ever so gently, Iris dipped her fingers between the trembling monster’s legs—and felt them part, reflexively, allowing her access to the gleaming slit that was as close a thing as the succubus had to a self; an identity.

“Yes,” Iris said softly, nodding so close that her cheek brushed the succubus’s, “you like that, don’t you? You like to be touched…there.” Iris knew the pleasures of a woman’s body; knew exactly how to work her fingertip from side to side until it pushed the folds apart and teased back the hood to expose the fat, pointed little nub of the clit. Covered and sealed inside Iris’s endless goo, the button that crowned the demon’s slit was perfectly defined, and separated from its hood by an impossibly sheer and clinging layer of slick blackness. Iris trapped it delicately between a thumb and forefinger and smiled.

“Do you see how sensitive I’ve made it?” she whispered, craning her neck so that she could watch the succubus from side-on. The demon’s pale, feminine features were lined with strain, and its eyes were wide and bulging as the blackness crept slowly up from its throat to the underside of its chin—but Iris still heard a gasp of pleasure when she gave a light, playful tug on the trapped clitoris. Laughing softly, she rolled the tiny bump of flesh between her fingertips, delighting in the feel of slick ooze sliding on more slick ooze. Her “body” was hardening where it coated the living flesh of the succubus, turning into a smooth and clinging sheath. “It feels so good to be wrapped,” she said, drawing the words from some primal instinct, “so right to be encased. Perfect, flawless, preserved forever…you want it, don’t you?”

Inch by inch, the black sheath crept higher…

Don’t stop there — preorder at Amazon to read more on January 15th, 2018!