Dear Readers,

So much catching up to do — and I’m hoping to get through all of it this week!

There are a number of titles in the back catalog that have been live on Amazon for ages, but never made it to Smashwords or other smaller distributors for the folks that don’t want to use Amazon. Over this next week, look for the following titles to start popping up on your favorite distributor:

  • Club Patriarchy: Entrance Exam – A bondage/submission thriller focused on intense male dominant/female submissive relations!
  • Futa Island 3: Mounted and Mated – The conclusion to the sweaty, sultry, spectacular Futa Island series.
  • Stockholm Syndrome – Dark, abduction-themed erotica. Not for the faint of heart!
  • Dickgirls Around Town: A Room for Four – Two girls and two dickgirls in a carefree menage-a-everybody motel room romp. Delicious!

All of the above are already available on Amazon, but I’ll be happy to have them available for non-Amazon users in a very short while.

Thank you all for reading!