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Readers, you asked for darker stories, and you know I live to serve. Hot off the presses and available for preorder today: Stockholm Syndrome, an erotic story of captivity, coercion, and subtle psychological manipulation!

stockholm-coverWithin its (digital) pages, you’ll meet Katherine Mills, a bored housewife with a taste for abduction erotica. When a note from someone in her town arrives, threatening to expose her dirty little secret, her fantasies start to come true…and Katherine can’t help finding that just the tiniest bit erotic.

Off she goes on an adventure just like the ones she always enjoyed reading about–only this one’s real, and her abductor knows her very well. With all the right tools to get inside her head, it’s only a matter of time before he’s convinced Katherine that she’s wanted this all along…the perfect case of Stockholm Syndrome.

This is quite a bit darker than my usual fare, so reader be warned! If you don’t care for the harder edge of captivity and sexual service fantasies, stay tuned–there will be some much happier titles landing shortly, including a cheerful four-way dickgirl romp landing next week.

Stockholm Syndrome is available for preorder on Amazon right now, and will release to Kindles and other devices on Friday, February 10. Pick up an advance copy today!