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Personal projects continue to nibble away at the edges of my time, but I’m happy to have some smut to offer y’all this week!

First up is a freebie over at the Darknest Fantasy Erotica forums, under my nomme de nerd of Arjah: Emergency Measures, a Warcraft-universe tale of betrayal and forced breeding. If you’ve never visited Darknest before, the site will ask you to register, but don’t worry — it’s completely free, always has been, and always will be.

DGaround5Space-goat breeding farms not your thing? (Note for the non-nerdy: “space goat” is a mocking nickname for one of the Warcraft races, and does not refer to actual goats, extraterrestrial or otherwise.) Never fear — next up for the month of September is a new installment in the Dickgirls Around Town series, this one featuring a steamy four-way at the sleaziest motel in town!

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There’s a lot more coming soon, and you won’t want to miss any of it — that is, if you’re a pervy reader with a taste for fine wordsmithing, and since you’re here reading this, I’m quite sure you are!