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Fans of futanari (those extra-endowed shemale fantasies that we all know are impossible, and yet oh-so-delectable as well) clearly enjoyed the first Futa Island installment, sending it straight to the top of my sales chart for a solid month.

Futa2Now the wait is over for the sizzling second installment, with 100% more shemale fuckmeat slapped in, around, and on top of yielding female flesh!

Futa Island: Serving the Savages is a raunchy fuck-fest even by my standards, following the captive Aela Goldenbough as she adjusts to life with the Futai Tribe. Every time she thinks she’s found a way to make her captivity work in her favor, it seems like there’s a new, muscular shemale there to slap her down…or two at once, bending and spreading her over the tribe’s cum-splattered “sharing rock!”

If you like oversized dicks in dainty holes, captivity narratives gone oh-so-wrong, or just jungle adventures in the finest pulp traditions, Futa Island: Serving the Savages is the new A. Vivian Vane release for you.

Preorder it on Amazon for an April 15 delivery and you’ll save 25% — just in time for tax day, at least for American readers!

Ugh, that wasn’t a very sexy note to end on, was it? Sorry!