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pinup-girl-floridaA lovely two weeks in the Sunshine State having been had (I’m so relaxed even my voice is still passive, HEYO!), your friendly smut-peddler is back in the Frozen North, typing away as fast as possible to keep the blood flowing to the fingers.

It’s easily my second-favorite way to exercise them, if you know what I mean. (Knitting. I’m getting big into knitting.)

(Not actually.)

So, what’s coming next for you dirty readers?

Club Patriarchy

ClubI’d hoped to have this one out before vacation, but it just didn’t happen. Good news is, I thought up and added a whole new scene in between beach breaks, so it’ll be even filthier, longer, and more satisfying than planned.

If you like willing submission, kinky roleplay involving those “traditional gender roles” in all their creepy/erotic glory, and group sex with people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, you should be excited for this one. Sign up for the mailing list (and be sure to whitelist my address, a.vivian.vane@avivianvane.com) to get the release announcement and special pre-order prices!

Open Commissions

I’ve had a full plate of commissions lately, but I’m finally clearing the bulk of them out. I’ll be willing to consider at least one or two new projects starting in April. If you’ve been hoping to snag my writing skills for a personal project, the first couple weeks in April would be a great time to drop me a line!

I won’t be able to take on every projects, and I will be giving at least some preference to commissions sans dickgirl/futa characters. The publishing schedule is already full of those!

Darknest Fantasy Erotica

For those that weren’t already aware, I currently moderate the Story Board at a lovely website devoted to fantasy erotica and related materials, Darknest Fantasy Erotica.

You may have already encountered some of the other writers from our community — we published an anthology of erotic shorts a little while back — and there are more joining every day!

Whether you’re a reader or a writer or both, I strongly encourage you to sign up (it’s free) and spend a while browsing the forums. Good friends, good smut, and a good audience for anything you choose to make public — what more could you ask for?

And yes, I do post freebies there from time to time, if that’s additional motivation. Stop on by!

Now if you’ll excuse me, this looks like an awful lot to take care of in the next few weeks as I look back over it…I’d better get back to writing!