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I’ve mentioned before that Amazon is something of the 800-pound gorilla in the self-publishing room, and that mighty market muscle is why Amazon gets first dibs on my pre-releases.

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Futa-Island-200x300But the wait time is over, and Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe is now available across all the major non-Amazon platform as well, meaning that those of you with technological or ideological aversions to Amazon can enjoy guilt-and-hassle-free.

Pick it up on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, or Inktera all for the same $3.99 cover price, and enjoy the latest word in she-cocked futa depravity!

Whatever your platform, it’s the same delicious, decadent, 30-plus-page read of sweaty sack-swingin’ amazons with pendulous penis parts and other such sexy alliterations, all set in a lush jungle world guaranteed to make your most exotic fantasies feel a sun-warmed breath away. Grab a copy today and start stroking! Er, reading. I mean reading…