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the-eighth-wonder-posterLet me let you in on a dirty secret, loyal readers: “indie” authors are not nearly as independent as the name suggests.

There is one massive, 800-pound gorilla in the room when you talk about selling ebooks (or books, for that matter) without a traditional publisher, and that gorilla is named Amazon.

A lot of special offers and publishing deals that we as authors pass on to you as readers — preorders, temporary sales/discounts and other promotions, bundles, etc. — are only available for works sold exclusively on Amazon. Put your ebook up on Smashwords, say, or Kobo, and the mechanics for those promotions become fenced off.

I try to keep my work spread as widely as possible (and you know I love to spread nice and wide, hur hur hur), but from time to time I absolutely have to make a title or a series temporarily available on Amazon only.

That time is now for the Dickgirl Cheerleaders series, my first and still most popular futa erotica saga. Starting in March, those titles will be available on Amazon only.

What does that mean for you, the loyal reader? If you already own the ebooks, nothing! Continue to enjoy them at your leisure.

If you’ve never read the Dickgirl Cheerleader books before, however, and you’d like to (and trust me, you’d like to), and you don’t want to support Amazon for whatever reason — then it’s time to stock up from one of my other markets.

Currently, all twelve volumes are available on Smashwords and Barnes & Nobles. They’ll stay that way until around March 1, at which point the series will only be available through Amazon.

It’s not how I’d prefer to do it. But for the time being it’s how it’ll have to be, so if you want to support Amazon alternatives, go ahead and stock up on those dickgirl stories from another vendor now!