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Coming Soon to a Jungle Island Near You…

Futa-IslandAvast, adventurers! Depravity and debauchery await you in the latest A. Vivian Vane swashbuckler — a deviant tale of forbidden desires deep in a sweltering jungle wilderness.

“Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe” starts a brand-new futanari (dickgirl, shemale, etc.) series dominated by a tribe of dickgirls in every shape and size. Some have the “parts” of both men and women, while others boast only one ridiculously oversized member…or in some cases, even more than one!

It’s a surprise under every loincloth, and in this first standalone adventure, there’s only one waifish, elfin damsel to satisfy each and every one of them.

If you like seeing beautiful heroines taken forcefully by shemale cocks (and I know a great many of you do), “Taken by the Tribe” is a must-not-miss. Preorder it on Amazon before February 19th to save a buck off the final cover price!

Read on below for a free preview of “Taken by the Tribe,” as our damsel in distress encounters her first oversized futa prick…

Free Preview – “Taken by the Tribe”

“Down!” Sorsha barked. “Knees!”

As she spoke, the big woman tucked her knife away at last, into a strap-like sheath on one of her tattooed biceps. Aela’s relief quickly chilled when Sorsha reached down with her freed hand and, in one swift motion, tugged the knots holding her loincloth up apart. The garment fell to Sorsha’s feet.

From beneath it, like some monster rising from the depths, sprang the longest, thickest, hardest cock Aela had ever laid eyes on.

Aela was no blushing virgin. She had gone “all the way” in business-related flirtations more than once. Most merchant women did, at one point or another. That was just the way of the world. More to the point, Aela traveled by sailing ship most months out of the year, and there were no secrets on a ship. Sailors did what they had to do—and a few things they didn’t necessarily have to, but found enjoyable all the same—beneath the open sky, or in cramped and crowded quarters below when the weather was foul. Aela knew what a man’s cock looked like, and what it was for.

None of that had prepared her for a cock the size of Sorsha’s, on a woman of such obvious and even exaggerated femininity. Sorsha’s huge bust, her swelling hips, her strong-cheeked face—they were all fully female; luscious and lovely, even. But her cock was pure manhood, a foot of it or even more, thicker around than three of Aela’s fingers together. A heavy sack dangled beneath it, darker than the rest of Sorsha’s skin and lightly haired. With a wicked grin on her face, the big woman put a hand on her taut belly, fingers pointed downward, and spread two of them to frame the base of her cock in an inviting V-shape. “You lick,” she said, her voice soft but firm. “You kneel, and you lick.”


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