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secretary-pinupIt typically takes me the better part of January to get over my New Year’s Eve parties, so February 1 is really the start of the new business year for me.

And just in time for it, I’ve got two upcoming releases to preview for you (more on that below), plus the opportunity to become a free Advance Review reader of all the new AVV titles this year.

Advance Reviewer Openings

Advance Reviewers are my team of special super-fans! They receive electronic copies of upcoming AVV titles several weeks in advance, free of charge. All I ask in return is an honest, thoughtful review of at least 2-3 sentences on the book’s Amazon page.

I tend to keep this list fairly small (don’t want to give away too many freebies, after all), but for the new year I’m opening up five Advance Reviewer slots. If you think you’d like to read and review several AVV titles a month, this is the job for you!

To sign up, email me at a.vivian.vane@gmail.com, subject heading “Advance Reviewer,” and include in the body of your email:

  • the email address at which you wish to receive your advance copies and notifications
  • the Amazon account name with which you will be posting reviews (so that I can verify reviews have been posted)
  • any “hard no” kinks or gender pairings you know that you cannot comfortably read about or comment on (if there are a lot of these, I probably can’t use you — my books are quite wide-ranging!)

If you’re selected, I will reply to let you know that you’ve been added to the Advance Reviewer list. You’ll begin receiving preview copies within the next week or two!

Upcoming Titles/Release Schedule

Excited for a new A. Vivian Vane title on your cozy, glowing screens? Stay tuned for the following upcoming titles:

Futa-IslandFuta Island – Taken by the Tribe

Release Date: Friday, February 19

A brand-new title in a brand-new series, presenting a bunch of busty jungle amazons looking to get their extra parts wet!

If you’re a fan of futanari (dickgirls, shemales, call ’em what you will) done the A. Vivian Vane way, you’ll find plenty to like in here — and more, as some of the jungle she-creatures take on various shapes, sizes, and combinations of the naughty bits we all love to lust after!

It’s a little bit of exoticism, a little bit of dominance/submission, and a whole lot of sweaty she-cocks all rolled into one fantastic first installment. Mark your calendars for Friday, February 19th — or sign up to be an Advance Reviewer if you’d like to read it sooner 🙂

DGaround4Dickgirls Around Town: Trailer Park Tag Team

Release Date: Friday, March 4

Keeping with the dickgirl theme, here comes the latest installment in the Dickgirls Around Town series, set in the same universe as Dickgirl Cheerleaders and already featuring three sexy volumes:

Trailer Park Tag Team revisits the Shade Tree Homes trailer park (known to all and sundry as the “Shady Homes”), and introduces the sultry shemale that owns the place, as well as her hapless teenaged handyman.

With a truckbed gangbang, a healthy dose of voyeurism, and all the spurting she-cum you’ve come to love, this is another must-not-miss for fans of the dickgirl genre.

Club Patriarchy

Release Date: Friday, March 18

You didn’t think it was all going to be dickgirls this year, did you?

Never fear! I’ve got my fans of the ladies with extra appendages, to be sure, but my lust for good old fashioned hetero (and homo, for that matter) submission cannot be denied.

First up in 2016’s non-shemale offerings will be Club Patriarchy, the sizzling tale of a private club for gentlemen whose wives, girlfriends, and slaves enjoy the old-fashioned values that keep women in the kitchen when they’re not in the bedroom.

The cover is still in the works (and the design so far looks smexy), but don’t worry…you’ll be hearing and seeing more about this consensual submission extravaganza soon!

Stay tuned for all the latest from AVV — and to get it sooner and absolutely free, consider joining as an Advance Reviewer!