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what-she-wantsOn Monday, What She Wants — my latest erotic title — became available as an ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. I think it’s pretty fantastic.

I don’t publish any stories I don’t like, obviously. A work has to be good enough to meet my surprisingly discriminating “fuck yeah, I’d masturbate to that” standard before I’ll make it publicly available. More drafts than you might think fail to clear that threshold, and languish forever on my hard drive!

But What She Wants is a good one, and you, beloved readers, should pick it up and give it a read this week. Here are my top three reasons for sharing and encouraging this title:

1. It’s Very “Real” Erotica

Some of my works are more fantastical than others; this one is solidly in the “real world/real sex” camp. It draws to some extent (I won’t say exactly how directly!) on my own life and my many loving relationships. The people are meant to feel like real adults doing real, kinky sex in a real, consenting partnership.

I would go so far as to hold this lovely little short up as an example of a sexy and sexual real-life relationship done well (not the example, but an example — one way out of many that grownups can have kinky, non-monogamous lives that satisfy everyone).

And you know what? It’s fun. It’s hot. I dare say it’s some of the hottest prose I’ve written. Not everything needs to be impossibly big-dicked demonic hermaphrodites spewing egg-raping baby batter into gaped-out, cavernous wombs…although there’ll probably be more of that coming soon in my catalog, too!

2. It Focuses on Female Pleasure

The central character of What She Wants is deeply submissive, and takes the submissive role with both her nameless dominant and her husband, albeit in very different ways.

Despite that, it’s a story about her, not about the men in her life. The pleasure we get as a reader is her pleasure. On the surface this is someone being “used,” but she’s quite clearly getting exactly what she wants — hence the title — from her scenes and her lifestyle.

I’m happy to say that’s not nearly as subversive or unique in pornography as it would have been a decade or two ago. We’ve come a long way. But I like to think there’s still a hungry market out there for stories about female pleasure, and specifically about female submission that isn’t focused on male pleasure.

3. It’s On Sale!

Now through the end of the month, you can get What She Wants for $2.99. After that it goes up to $3.99. Not exactly a huge difference, but hey, who doesn’t like to save a buck when they can?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also give a shout-out to my long-time cover illustrator, Lacey Lucette, whose work for What She Wants is among my favorites. And sure, you can all enjoy her lovely artwork for free, just by going to take a look at the book and its previews on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes & Nobles…but while you’re there, why not support us both by picking up a copy?

Could just be the best $2.99 you spend all week!