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Not every story has to be about a heroic journey. Some are just depictions of a regular old day-in-the-life, and the “Dickgirls Around Town” series dives right into those days…days, that is, in the lives of horny, hermaphroditic she-studs and a town full of randy sluts who just can’t help themselves!

DGAround2“Dickgirls Around Town: Barebacked Barback” takes us behind the cut glass doors at Spunky’s, a battered old dive bar catering almost exclusively to shemale clientele. Pretty young teenager Ling, full of high school stories and gossip, marches right through those doors to demand a summer job — even if it means blowing the big bartender first to prove her dedication!

As things spiral out of control, Ling quickly finds herself reduced to nothing more than a plaything for dozens of horny dickgirls…and also finds that she’s completely happy with that.

“Barebacked Barback” is a self-contained story over 15,000 words in length, available right now from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Nobles. Pick up your copy today and dive right into an ordinary ol’ slice of American life…with dickgirls!