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Pssst…hey perverts, want my newest erotic short, completely free?

It’s all yours! Sign up for the mailing list any time this month and you’ll receive not one but two erotic short stories, completely free.

Subscribers receive links and downloadable PDF copies of “Fertile Forest,” a filthy fantasy featuring the hermaphroditic race of lust-demons that readers met in Fertile Mistresses and Blue Blood Babies, and “Barebacked Barback (The Beginning),” the very first look at a new dickgirl erotica series set in the same small town as the Dickgirl Cheerleaders stories.

Current subscribers have already received links to the free content in their inboxes. If you haven’t already, join the mailing list today and get your links to free erotica from A. Vivian Vane!

EDITED TO ADD: I’m hearing from some subscribers that the emails are going into spam filters, rather than the main inbox. This is unfortunately very common with anything that involves any even vaguely sexual comment — the dickgirls get thrown in the trash right alongside the dick pill adverts. If you haven’t received anything from the A. Vivian Vane mailing list lately, check your Spam folder, and be sure to click on the “Not Spam” or “Trust This Sender” or similar option within your email client!