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Is it just me, loyal readers, or has it been a little quiet around here lately?

But fear not; you’ve not been forgotten. Nor have I gotten even the tiniest bit tired of writing with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand…elsewhere. (Sipping my coffee, you perverts. I’m talking about sipping my coffee.) In fact, my last few months were spent tidying up loose ends, discharging obligations, and piling up savings so that I could comfortably make the following announcement…

pinup-clock-reading-newspaper…A. Vivian Vane is going full time!

That means this charming little diversion will be my primary occupation and source of income, give or take some odd jobs on the side.

For you, my lovely readers, that also means:

  • More titles — I’ll be aiming for two a month, on average, sometimes more if they’re short or less if I’m working on a novel-length project.
  • More topics, fetishes, gender-pairings, settings, and every other variation on the theme of “people do sexy things” I can come up with! More titles means more freedom to play around and see what people like (and what I like writing).
  • Opportunities for active reader feedback, product giveaways, custom stories, and more. If you’re not on the mailing list, now is a good time to join it, hint hint!

It also means a return to personal blogging on this site, alongside the product news, previews, and promotions. Because you all want to know so much about my life, right? And it’s not like I’ll have anything else to do.

You know. Other than writing smut for you. And my wrists do get tired eventually…

So wish me luck, join the mailing list, and stay tuned, because you’re going to have a lot of A. Vivian Vane coming at your face this year! And couldn’t we all use a little more A. Vivian Vane in our faces?