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In the mood for something a little…rough?

Then step into the world of Battle Babes, where sex workers are paid to fight, MMA-style and nearly naked, in front of a seedy crowd of pimps and johns; thugs and drug dealers. The winner takes home cash and drugs, while the loser descends into the crowd to serve as their public fucktoy.

battlebabesIt’s a rough life, but it’s a way for a girl with a need to get by — or at least, that’s what the highly successful “Battle Babe” Chalise thinks, until her pimp backs out on the deal and sells her services to a rich pervert after she lands a big win.

Alone in the VIP lounge, helpless in the hands of a powerful client with a taste for degradation, Chalise has to decide how much she’s just playing a part to get what she needs…and how much of her really is the worthless, disposable fucktoy all these men see her as.

This was a commissioned work with some very specific themes, and it is quite a bit darker than most of my writing! Be advised: “Battle Babes” contains descriptive scenes of nearly-naked women in physical fights, and of drug addiction, prostitution, and filthy, degrading sex.

Fans of dark, gritty erotica should find plenty to love here. Fans of a lighter, more whimsical world should stick around…next up is a tender Victorian tale of the love between a rich nobleman and the London prostitute he marries by accident! It will have all the frills and fucking that even the gentlest pervert could wish for. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the release announcement and a special, subscriber-only discount.

Battle Babes: Urban MMA Erotica is available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $2.99.

(NOTE: This title has been “adult filtered” on Amazon, meaning that people will not find it with normal searches. You will need the direct link. This is a frustrating thing that Amazon does very unpredictably and without any particular rhyme or reason, and it has a significant effect on book sales. If you’re interested in helping to counteract their “soft censorship,” please take a minute to leave a review after buying the book! More stars, comments, and purchases will help push the title back up in search results. The less they can ignore or discourage “hard” and “dark” erotica, the more willing authors will be to write it.)