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space-station-of-the-sluts-cover-thumbIn February 2013, I published the very first A. Vivian Vane erotic story: Space Station of the Sluts, a light-hearted science-fiction romp in which everyone ends up happy, or at least horny.

Two years later, I’m still happily writing erotica, with twenty-five titles to show for it — and this week only, every single title is available for only $2.99 on Amazon.

That’s everything, the whole catalog, from Space Station of the Sluts all the way through the recent Remedial Programming. All twelve volumes of the Dickgirl Cheerleaders series, the Pirth the Enchantress fantasy novels (In the Coils of the Serpent Men and In the Talons of the Succubae), demonic she-male breeding stories like Fertile Mistresses and Blue Blood Babies — $2.99 a pop, this week only.

If there’s anything in the catalog you’ve ever wanted to check out, but held back on because of price, now’s the time to move. Save anywhere up to 40% by buying this week for $2.99.

Two years of work — $2.99 a pop. Swing by my Author page on Amazon.com and grab some A. Vivian Vane titles today! Sale ends Friday, February 28th.