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Hey there, hot stuff — you looking to score tonight?

Score big deals on erotic fiction from A. Vivian Vane, that is! I’ve got titles marked down for December, and you don’t want to miss ’em. Catch up with some of the latest and best-selling A. Vivian Vane titles, discounted up to 40% off:

noblewoman-smallA Noblewoman’s Fall – Victorian taboo erotica! An adopted noblewoman and her naughty maid stumble from one misadventure to the next, discovering along the way just how depraved the innocent-seeming Mary really is at heart. From her maid’s first erotic anal teasings to her step-brother’s wicked ways, it’s a quick spiral downward for Mary — and a deliciously decadent filth-fest for readers, with corsets, cocks, and cum in abundance!

40% Off! Was $4.99, now just $2.99!

Remedial-ProgrammingRemedial Programming – Sexy science fiction at its filthiest! In a world where human beings can become government property, there’s a cutthroat corporate culture, and even the smartest woman has to stay on her toes to avoid a brainwashing trip through the Department of Remedial Programming. Dystopian brainwashing fun…if that’s the sort of thing you find “fun,” of course. We won’t judge. Come put the “cyber” in “cyberpunk,” hur hur hur.

40% Off! Was $4.99, now just $2.99!

princess-serena-200x300Princess Serena and the Captives of Castle Cagebird – Lesbian steampunk erotica! Adventure and airships with a girl-girl twist, perfect for those who like their erotica both Sapphic and sweet. Thoroughly willing participants, shameless sex positivity, and a whole range of body types and ethnicities makes this a heartwarming — if decadently naughty — read from start to finish. Finally, lesbian smut you can feel good about!

25% Off! Was $3.99, now just $2.99!

Deals like these, as they say, won’t last, but the books will — a whole lifetime of naughty reading pleasure! (Assuming, you  know, that ebook formats don’t become completely obsolete, or the machine overlords don’t rise up and enslave us through our smutty text addiction…although that last sounds kinda hot, now that I say it.) Shop A. Vivian Vane on Amazon.com and save today!