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Happy holidays and even happier humping, my horny honchos! I hope you’re staying warm by staying under the covers, preferably with your favorite A. Vivian Vane erotic novel.

Remedial-ProgrammingMy latest title, Remedial Programming, is live and available on all the major e-book retailers as of today, which means you can get it on Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes & Nobles as your preference dictates.

(And I think it’s also on Kobo. It certainly looks like it’s available on Kobo. Kobo distribution is a little weird, and doesn’t play as nicely with my friendly local credit union as other merchants. But theoretically you can get at least some of my titles there, if you’re dedicated to doing business with Kobo!)

Remedial Programming is an utterly filthy sci-fi romp through a dystopian world where people are property and their public sexual use is commonplace. I highly recommend it for fans of submission, mind control stories, and dark adventures in corporate malfeasance. Pick your e-book retailer, download a copy today, and dive between those covers! (Or into your bathtub, or wherever else you like to let your fingers do the walking.) It’s the best way to stay warm in these long winter weeks.