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The future is here, and it’s a hot one in Remedial Programming, the new erotic sci-fi thriller from A. Vivian Vane. Preorders are just $2.99 on Amazon.com, down from $4.99, only through November 28.

In a not-too-distant and not-too-implausible future, a brand new generation of humans has been raised as government property. Docile, under-educated, and disposable, they make the term “human resources” terrifyingly literal.

Remedial-ProgrammingBut in every generation there are outliers, and outliers must be dealt with. Enter the Department of Remedial Programming for Women: a public/private partnership dedicated to turning intelligent young women into sex-obsessed bimbos.

Dr. Lana Swanson loves her job at Remedial Programming. But when a rival from another department sets her sights on Lana’s directorship, office politics turn quickly into office programming, and soon it’s a race to see who’ll be the last woman standing — and who’ll be the woman wearing nothing but a silly smile and a pair of fake tits.

Fans of mind games, exhibition, public use, and themes of control will love Remedial Programming. It’s a dark, depraved world where every choice is the wrong one…and yet feels so, so right, all the way down into smiling slavery. Delicious.

Now through Nov. 28, preorder Remedial Programming on Amazon.com for $2.99. Prices rise when the book goes live, so get yours early and save!

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