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Do you like lesbians? Adventure? Romance? Unnecessary gears, cogs, and airships all over the place?

Then now is a good time to be on my mailing list, so that you receive the special pre-order offer for Princess Serena and the Captives of Castle Cagebird, a new lesbian steampunk bodice-ripper that’s as full of fun as it is filth.


It’s your classic coming-of-age story, or more properly cumming-of-age:

“With a deepening flush, Serena realized that many of the pictures were quite detailed, particularly in the regions between the thighs. The artist had worked with very tiny brushes indeed to render the individual folds and wrinkles of spreading, oval-shaped openings, bright pink inside their furry nests of hair. Fingers, painted just as lovingly, plunged in many of the pictures between those pink lips, to the obvious delight of the unmoving subjects.

Serena had never seen such drawings. For that matter, she had never seen what actually lay between a woman’s thighs in such detail, either, not even her own. Serena was all too aware that it was considered shameful to be seen or touched there, by anyone or anything.

Still, the princess could not help slipping one hand beneath the blankets to lift the hem of her chemise and touch, experimentally, the softly-furred cleft of her thighs. Smooth skin vanished into a thicket of downy curls, and hidden beneath those…”

Sounds exciting, no? If that’s the sort of thing that pushes your buttons (and you know what buttons I’m talking about), sign up for the A. Vivian Vane mailing list now! Discounted Princess Serena preorders go on sale this weekend, with the book available next week.

And if lesbians in zeppelins aren’t your thing, we won’t judge you (although it’s hard). Stay tuned for reprogrammed cybersluts in an urban dystopia, the thrilling conclusion to the Dickgirl Cheerleaders series, and more, all this month!