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Want some dick to go with your girl? Some baby to go with your bump? Some filthy fucking co-eds to go with your fantasy college experience? Dickgirl Cheerleaders #11 has it all, and it’s available on Amazon and Smashwords right now.

cheerleaders11Dickgirl Cheerleaders #11: Preggers! is the latest in a frankly depraved series of standalone shorts, each one packed from start to finish with sweaty, spermy, shemale goodness.

In this new installment, teenaged Amanda finally comes to terms with the inevitable consequences of her freewheeling, dickgirl-loving lifestyle: a positive pregnancy test and a bunch of no-good, always-horny girlfriends who think that is just sooooo hawt!

But no matter how depraved things get at Dickgirl House, they can always sink lower, and pretty soon Amanda is caught up in an orgiastic whirl as her friends and their she-stud lovers try out new and even more perverted delights on one another’s willing bodies.

Dickgirl Cheerleaders #11: Preggers! can be found on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99. If you’re new to the series, don’t worry — you can start the Dickgirl Cheerleaders books anywhere. Each story stands alone as a self-contained unit, and you can start the series with Dickgirl Cheerleaders #1: Towel Girl for just 99 cents right now.

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