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Do you like my stories? Would you like to read one for free?

Then get over to the Bad Girl’s Bible Erotica collection, where I’ve got a brand new sexy short posted absolutely free.

It’s called “Discipline in the Workplace,” and it is about a lady CEO who occasionally needs some loving domination from one of her hot male employees on the side. I think it is pretty good!

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So head on over to Bad Girl Bible’s Erotica and enjoy my latest sexy short, and share it on the social media if you can! And now, a short preview for your titillation:

Taking a deep breath, Geneva lowered her voice and said, “I want you.”

Robert was small and sharp-featured, a contrast to Geneva’s heart-shaped face and soft cheeks. He needed only a very small lift of one eyebrow to form a questioning quirk. One of his slim hands moved to lie atop his desk, just above the uppermost drawer on the right side.

“Go on…?” Robert said softly.

A flush rose in Geneva’s cheeks. Excitement shot through her like an electric shock, making her whole body tingle. Knowing how weak she sounded, and how needy, she stared down past the front of her white blouse and navy skirt to her stocking-clad feet in their leather pumps. “I need that,” she whispered, nodding toward the corner of Robert’s desk, just below his hand. “Please.”

Robert smiled. It was a little smile, but it was enough. Geneva could read a faint, possessive pride on her analyst’s face. Her heart pounded. Unconsciously, she pressed her thighs together beneath the dark skirt. Her clothes felt far too warm; far too constricting. She had wanted to tear them off on her way down from the executive suite, and wouldn’t that have given the board something to talk about at their next meeting?

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