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I should start this post with a confession: I don’t really listen to podcasts.

I don’t do videos or vlogs or Vines or whatever much, either. I tend to automatically close web pages the moment they start playing anything at me. Listening to someone else say words is so much slower than reading them myself!

So I am not qualified to weigh in on the relative merits of podcasts. But I know other authors do them as a form of reader outreach, and I enjoy those authors’ success vicariously. It’s good to be good at lots of different media content.

I am, of course, extra fond of author podcasts when they talk about me, which happened in J. E. & M. Keep’s SciFi, Fantasy, Romance & Erotica Podcast #6 this week:

They are an entertaining couple who apparently podcast naked together, which is adorable, and they were good enough to mention my SLUT for the State and its publication struggles around the 28 minute mark in the above episode.

(M. Keep also brought up the assigned breeders from Lois Lowry’s children’s novel The Giver, which I had not remembered from my childhood but which might very well be the first breeding-fetish content I ever encountered. I guess I’ll mention it alongside the thinly disguised scat porn in Animorphs and other, more disgusting series by the same author if I ever talk to a therapist about my childhood.)

I’m the last person to speak authoritatively on the subject, but it seemed like a pretty entertaining podcast all the way through, and if you like it they have a bunch more, along with a cool website full of dark erotica.

So that was a fun thing that happened this week. And, if state-sponsored breeding and cybernetic wombs sounds like your cup of erotic, dystopian tea, SLUT for the State is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Just sayin’.