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Hotwives you were promised, readers, and now a hotwife you shall have!

Don’t feel too flattered, though. Pretty much anyone can have her if they want.

Hot-WifeBy day a smart and savvy ad exec, Amy turns by night into the woman her husband really married: a cum-stained porn star named DiDi Crass. Theirs is a loving relationship, just like any successful partnership, or at least any successful partnership in which the husband routinely whores his wife out to large groups of horny men.

“Hotwife at the House Party” is over 50 pages of filthy sex scenes from cover to metaphorical electronic cover. It’s hotter and heavier than anything I’ve written so far, I think, and if you like it hard and nasty you’ll love “Hotwife at the House Party.”

For the next week, “Hotwife at the House Party” is on sale for $2.99, down from a regular price of $4.99. Get “Hotwife at the House Party” today, and start stroking!