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“Dickgirl Cheerleaders #10: Tramp Stamp”  is now available on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99.

cheerleaders10The Dickgirl Cheerleaders are back! Thrusting their way onto shelves…penetrating your Kindle…filling tablets and e-readers with their sweaty, sticky goodness…

…you get the point.

Cheerleaders! With dicks! They’re back, they’re hotter than ever, and their towel girl Amanda just can’t keep her hands off those bulging she-cocks.

If you’ve liked the series so far, you’ll definitely want to read “Tramp Stamp.” If you haven’t read the series, but you like the dickgirl/futanari school of erotica, you’ll also want to read “Tramp Stamp,” and probably the rest of the series too! (Start by picking up “Dickgirl Cheerleaders #1: Towel Girl” — or just dive right in wherever; each volume is a self-contained standalone short.)

And if you’re ready to see more of what’s waiting inside the pages of “Tramp Stamp,” read on…


Free Preview: “Dickgirl Cheerleaders #10: Tramp Stamp”

“I think you’re wet enough for my morning load,” Tess said smugly. She pulled her finger out and licked it. Before Amanda could moan her disappointment at the loss of sensation, the thick warmth of Tess’s cockhead slipped up between her thighs and bumped her pussy — and then, with a single long thrust of the shemale’s cock, it plunged deep into Amanda’s body!

The young brunette gasped in shock as Tess grabbed her shoulder and pulled her firmly downward. Her wet cunt parted with a willingness that amazed her. Just a few weeks ago it never would have been possible: Tess’s thick cock would have strained her to her limits, requiring extensive foreplay and careful, patient work to slide all the way into Amanda’s pussy. And yet there she was, rocking back and forth on her toes and moaning happily as Tess fucked her at a steady, pounding pace that slapped the dickgirl’s balls into Amanda’s clit on every thrust.

Amanda smiled happily at herself in the mirror and reached down to rub her clit. She half-closed her eyes and gave a sigh of contentment. The way Tess and the other dickgirls took her for granted was so powerfully erotic. Amanda loved that she could urge them on; that with something as simple as leaving her panties off when she went to the bathroom she could invite the well-hung she-studs to use her pussy any time they wanted…

Want to read more? “Dickgirl Cheerleaders #10: Tramp Stamp” is available at Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99!